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Ex-VFL coach Dave Dunbar hits out at AFL rule changes in Victoria’s state league

A former VFL coach Dave Dunbar says the AFL is destroying the state league and accused its state competition boss Tristan Salter of being a “mad scientist”.

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I can't access the article at the moment. Is anyone able to summarise?

Dave Dunbar still keeps a close eye on the competition and hopefully those in at the AFL take some heed of his comments.


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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With the likelihood of significantly longer quarters a few grounds will need to upgrade lighting to avoid games finishing in darkness in the middle of winter ☺️


* It's time to restore the VFA name.


Does anyone know how a 23 team comp is going to work?Maybe play each other just once?

Its almost back to future as its like the the large amount of teams in the 1870s VFA!

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Its staggering the contempt and arrogance the AFL treats everyone outside the top tier level of footy, especially grass roots footy. They destroyed one league to form the new second tier comp, and havent even bothered to name it even after a couple of months. It appears the AFL views it as a testing ground for their ridiculous new rules every year system. I didnt read Dave Dunbar's article but I hope he gave them a decent spray.

I read that the clubs were invited to discuss new proposed rules with Hocking, and when they got there they found that the AFL Commission had already approved them lol. Could they be anymore arrogant?

A few months ago there was a storm brewing with the AFL clubs seeking a meeting with the Commission to discuss the direction AFL footy under the McGilligan administration was taking. Seemed that most clubs werent too happy. Wonder why? I dont think the meeting ever happened, maybe McG canned it or it got lost in the Covid shit storm. 

Goodness knows what draw they come up with for a 25 team comp. Whatever it is I hope they get it done before the season starts. On recent form theres a good chance they wont.

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Gillon McLachlan says the VFL has always been used to trial new rules after the AFL was slammed for turning the state league into a “mickey mouse competition”.


That from Gil was total rubbish

ther were a couple of games a couple of years ago with 18m goal square 


about 8-10 years ago kicking backwards "play on" rule was trialled - that rule should have been kept.


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No, the AFL coaches didn't like the kicking backwards rule coz it buggered up their defensive, keepings-off, possession style of play that they seem to love so much 


The no mark on kicking backwards rule didn't work unfortunately, as it was an incentive for teams to put defensive numbers behind the ball. The Northern Blues finished top that year on the back of doing exactly that, knowing opponents were most likely to kick forward.

The backwards kick is crucial to opening up the other side of the ground and playing attacking footy, rather than kicking the ball long to congestion.