Yep, it could be a good niche market
18% (2 votes)
No thanks. Its cold and miserable
82% (9 votes)
Total votes: 11


We haven't seen it since the days of Optus C7. 

I went out to a freezing, damp and miserable Waverley Park to see disappointing losses to Carlton and Richmond. 

Having said that, I quite enjoyed watching other games at the Rose Hotel in Fitzroy on a Monday night with 'lums'. They created a bit of interest. 

Could it be something tried again, sayat Etihad where conditions will be fine. 



It would be set up for the AFL 2's ...not interested. 

I'd be all for Monday games at Princes Park once the new lights are up and running

We'll thrill 'em

We'll kill 'em

We'll tear 'em in two

I rrecall travelling out to the end of the known universe with North Port on those bitter Monday nights.  I rember a young skinny bloke kicked a few for Carlton- Brendan Fevola, I bet he could have done with a pie and sauce that night! I hate night football, roofed stadiums and yellow balls.  No thanks!



Waverley park 2000 i went to a few night games there with the pick sandys thrilling win over stkilda in an early final with a decent crowd. It was ok back then but as for a regular Monday fixture in future forget it. Would not attend in a million years as every Monday i play indoor beach volleyball. Not for me. Pass !!

Skybus Stadium would be in the mix to host it if they bring it in? New lights to be the equivolent of Kardinia Park...

I would go, but not if its at Casey Fields.

Hi Bearsman, can you post up any information you know regarding the new lights at Skybus?

I've been spruiking for ages that Port Melbourne should be the ground for night footy at VFL and AFLW, but fear that we may have missed the boat on that one!


Dont know much about it TBH...Robbo might be able to help out. He would know more than me.

From what Ive heard, and cant guarantee accuracy, Frankston have to find around 600/700k to fund it I believe. I think the state Govt and Frankston Council have given 650k each but the total cost is around 2 million.

Havent heard proposed starting/finishing dates.