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VFL R11 - Port Melbourne v Geelong (* At WILLIAMSTOWN *)


Round 11 – 16/06/2018


Williamstown Football Ground

Port Melbourne

B: 30. E. Phillips, 21. L. Cook, 3. L. Tynan

HB: 15. D. Beddison, 20. G. Dickson, 8. D. Van Unen

C: 10. M.  Arnot, 4. T.  O’Sullivan, 1. M.  Rivett

HF: 5. S. Lange, 7. D. Conway, 18. M. Wooffindin

F: 28. R. Nahas, 6. J. Lisle, 32. B. Pearson

R: 2. K. Haretuku, 14. I. Conway, 35. E. Templeton

Int: 33. D. Atkins, 17. A. Carr, 23. K. Dove, 25. T. Hobbs, 37. H. Hooper, 9. A. Krakauer, 11. B. Lloyd, 45. J. O’Brien

23P: 39. W. Goss


In: H. Hooper, A. Krakauer, D. Atkins, K. Dove, A. Carr

Out: A. Anastasio




B: 39. Z. Guthrie, 30. T. House, 42. M. O’Connor

HB: 31. J. Cunico, 7. H. Taylor, 29. C. Guthrie

C: 25. L.  Henderson, 16. S.  Selwood, 40. J.  Thurlow

HF: 41. J. Jones, 34. J. Parsons, 19. Q. Narkle

F: 6. L. McCarthy, 20. R. Gardner, 32. G. Miers

R: 45. R. Abbott, 64. T. Atkins, 33. G. Horlin-Smith

Int: 18. C. Constable, 63. S. Dobson, 62. C. Floyd, 15. M. Hayball, 53. J. Keras, 55. L. Kiel, 78. J. McLachlan, 27. S. Menegola, 54. S. Siggins, 37. S. Simpson, 9. Z. Smith, 51. J. Tsitas

23P: 72. T. McMullan


In: C. Constable, L. McCarthy, J. Cunico, S. Simpson, T. McMullan, H. Taylor, J. Parsons, M. Hayball, J. Jones, S. Menegola, Z. Smith, J. McLachlan

Out: C. Gregson, C. Mitchell, S. Crameri, P. Dowling

Wally from Will...
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the Redman has gone off to Russia to watch the World Cup, according to Channel 7, is that unusual in a semi-professional competition? I guess if he gave plenty of notice and the coach isn't concerned then its not an issue, just wondering ....

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There has been a bit of discussion about Anastasio heading off to the world cup. I understood that he HD let Ayres no at last year's exit meeting. 

And on to today's game.. Actually I'll wait until I have watched the replay before I comment on a couple of issues. 


It was another game that Port Melbourne will rue inaccuracy.

The first quarter we were very flat and Geelong controlled most of the last 15 minutes and kicked 4 goals into the wind.

The third quarter the Borough dominated in possession count but squandered so many opportunities that we only have ourselves to blame for the loss. 

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  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Port Melbourne 1.4-10 1.5-11 4.18-42 6.19-55
Geelong 4.2-26 7.3-45 7.4-46 10.9-69

Port Melbourne

Goal Kickers:B. Pearson 2, T. O''Sullivan, R. Nahas, K. Haretuku, D. Conway
Best Players:D. Van Unen, R. Nahas, I. Conway, L. Tynan, E. Templeton, T. O''Sullivan


Goal Kickers:Q. Narkle 3, T. Atkins 2, L. Kiel, G. Miers, S. Dobson, L. Noble, H. Taylor
Best Players:G. Horlin-Smith, Q. Narkle, G. Miers, T. Atkins, J. Tsitas, R. Abbott