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1st Preliminary Final - Williamstown v Box Hill


1st Preliminary Final



Stannards Stadium



B: 18. J. Greiser, 8. P. Faulks, 21. J. Tippett

HB: 35. B. Myers, 17. J. Charleston, 15. O. Tate

C: 12. L.  George, 16. B.  Bewley, 9. A.  Marcon

HF: 10. L. Masters, 5. L. Schultz, 24. W. Wheeler

F: 2. B. Cavarra, 7. N. Rodda, 3. S. Dunell

R: 49. N. Meese, 6. M. Gibbons, 4. B. Jolley

Int: 40. L. Buckwell, 23. J. Jones, 31. B. Monk, 20. M. Norton, 22. J. Pickess, 1. J. Pongracic, 13. T. Schnerring, 26. J. Thorpe

23P: 32. C. Stephens


In: T. Schnerring, J. Jones, J. Pickess, L. Buckwell


Box Hill Hawks

B: 43. C. Jiath, 59. K. Brand, 42. T. Miles

HB: 34. G. Birchall, 61. T. O’Brien, 44. C. Glass

C: 52. J.  O’Rourke, 2. A.  Moore, 50. D.  Willsmore

HF: 60. K. Lovell, 57. J. Ceglar, 36. D. Moore

F: 37. J. Ross, 39. M. Lewis, 51. B. Whitecross

R: 56. M. Pittonet, 46. J. Cousins, 41. O. Hanrahan

Int: 7. A. Brolic, 13. N. Evans, 10. W. Hams, 12. C. Jones, 11. B. Kilpatrick, 14. N. Lane, 3. W. Murphy, 4. M. O’Donnell

23P: 17. T. Maloney


In: N. Evans, G. Birchall, W. Murphy, J. Ceglar

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Seagulls rested and will be raring to go. Hopefully can advance to the gf. Can make it 8 straight wins.

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Great start in the opening 4 minutes by the 'towners. Two straight goals. 


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Quarter time and the Seagulls are up 22 to 13.


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It's a pulsating game at Port. 

Box Hill hit the front. 

Williamstown 10.9. 69

Box Hill 11.8.74


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A great game of footy. If you weren't whatching make sure you take a look during the week. 

Williamstown 13.12.90

Defeated by

Box Hill 13.13.91



One bloody point!But Willy did have the last chance to win the match.Brilliant game better than half the AFL ones throughout the season had everything hope the TV ratings do it justice.May drag a few Hawthorn supporters through the gates next week.

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Agree about the standard Billy.. Fierce contested footy with both sides put on their feet. Williamstown should be extremely proud of their efforts. That final prelim hurdle just keeps haunting them it seems.

It's just a shame that these two clubs who have very little left of their own are effectively putting on an 'seconds' grand final. 


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Cruel game seagulls losing by a point. In the words of ned kelly such is life. Very good standard. Thorpe could of snatched it. Proud of the seagulls. Casey will beat box hill comfortably next week 

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Enjoyable game watching from the Goss grandstand; good standard of footy. The Hawks talls were the difference and  were the same height at the tail end of the last Q.

The Ghaz's  prediction might have been a few years too early 


Yep we might have to put up with AFL seconds GFs on a regular basis.

I think it will get harder and harder for the standalone ex VFA clubs to have much of an impact into the future.

The VFL could end up as an all AFL reserves comp they way things are going with maybe Port and Willy making up the numbers.

No standalone club will ever have the resources that the AFL clubs now have to support their reserves sides.