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PMFC Seeks Football Manager

From the Port Melbourne FC website:


PMFC Seeks Football Manager

The Port Melbourne Football Club is inviting applications for the role of Football Manager. This position will oversee, manage and maintain the smooth operations of all aspects of the Football Department, including the club’s VFL program, women’s football program and Community program.




– Player contract negotiations and execution
– List Management
– Player recruitment (in conjunction with coach)
– Manage volunteers involved in football operations
– Registration and Co-ordination of Women’s and Men’s senior teams (all aspects including training and match day)
– Player education programs
– Player and parent inductions
– Football department Compliance
– Liaising with Board as required
– Liaising with the City of Port Phillip Council for bookings and training arrangements of North Port Oval and associated facilities.
– Coordinate and manage relationships with all suppliers (equipment, service providers and uniform)
– Develop, manage and maintain aligned club partnerships with local schools, sport and recreation facilities, Oakleigh Chargers FC (TAC Cup) and Port Melbourne Colts FC.




– Identify (in conjunction with Board) and develop an annual Community Engagement Program
– Execution of program (in conjunction with the Board and our Development Officer)




– Assist with fund-raising activities throughout the year
– Assist with other activities within office as required


This position will be based out of the Port Melbourne Football Club and offered on a full-time basis.


Remuneration will be dependent upon experience.


Working extended hours during the week and on weekends will, at times, be required for this role.




Please forward an appropriate cover letter and resume outling your suitability for the role (addressed to President Michael Shulman) via email to:
or via mail to:

PO Box 247
Port Melbourne VIC 3207


I presume this is Barry Kidd's old job,I heard he was treated the same as Cuzza at Willy,taking a different direction and all that cobblers,very disappointing if true.


Well said CGull - bloody disgrace what happened to Cuzza at Willy!!! Not many smarter blokes in footy than him.


Two of the better people that were good friends of the Roosters for all those early years.

Barry was well educated under the Saults regime & a very tolerent person !!

No doubt Port will select a modern day hotshot that will be gone in a couple of years.

Good luck to Barry.

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


Spot on Digs!!

Great memories when I was forward scout at Willy many years ago and always received a nice welcome from You at Ballarat.

Fantastic players like Julian Field and Johnny Polkinghorne going around made North Ballarat a wonderful footy club.

Hope you are well Digs.

Cheers cisco







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I believe it is Anthony Piccolo's position as he has taken up a position elsewhere. 


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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Barry kidd and cuz were both terrific who put in their heart and sole for their clubs and were great people. 

Wally from Will...
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Barry Kidd is general manager/CEO is he not? I think you will find that the advertised position is a different role, concentrating on the football side of things rather than running the club, paying the bills, dealing with 'stakeholders'. etc. Willi has a CEO AND a football operations manager, so I wouldn't go writing Barry Kidd's obituary just yet.

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Yes Anthony Piccolo was Football Manager but said he has taken up a spot elsewhere .

Barry Kidd is General Manager. 


* It's time to restore the VFA name.


Thanks Cisco,

I think i now know who you are !!

I am well thanks but unfortunately my clubs not .

You would never believe that so few could inflict so much damage.

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


Onya Digs,

The comp has changed for the worse in my opinion.

Best wishes and hope your health is well.

Just as a matter of interest Digs who was the best player, in your time, to pull on a Roosters guernsey?

Cheers cisco