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Wally from Will...
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2011 Grand Final

Seeing as the long-awaited round 1 clash between Willi and Port is almost upon us, I was hoping somebody out there could provide me with the starting line-ups of the two teams in the Grand Final of 2011. I can't seem to find them anywhere online and didn't attend the game myself, fortunately, as I was overseas at the time. There is no need whatsoever to remind me of the result or the scores or the Norm Goss Medallist or Port's leading goalkickers on the day, JUST the starting line-ups, thank you.


Wally from Will...
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These were the selected teams, but what i would like to know is the actual starting line-ups, the 22/23 players that actually took the field.

Thanks :-)


B Stephen Brewer, Jarrod Dalton, Hugh Sandilands

HB Cory McGrath, Sam Pleming, John Baird

C Nathan Batsanis, Toby Pinwill, Shane Valenti

HF Malcolm Lynch, Jake Edwards, Ryan McMahon

F Patrick Rose, Dean Galea, Billy Burstin

R Wayde Skipper, Chris Cain, Sam Dwyer

Int(from) Michael Dillon,Jake Dermott*, Fabian Deluca, Joshua Purcell, Callum Sinclair, Marc Johnston, David Fanning, Tristian Francis,


B David Stretton, James Mulligan, Dean Rampe

HB Brennan Stack, Ayce Cordy, Dylan Addison

C Christian Howard, Brett Johnson, Ben Davies

HF Josh Hill, Ed Barlow, Brett Goodes

F Sam Reid, Jordan Roughead, Nathan Djerrkura

R Will Minson, Mitch Wallis, Ben Jolley

Int(from) Patrick Veszpremi, Jason Tutt, Matthew Grossman, Andrew Hooper,
Mitch Hahn, Matthew Panos, Stephen Witkowski, Matthew Cravino,
Jack Frost

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Those not selected for Port Melbourne were - Deluca, Sinclair (went on to play at WCE and Sydney) Marc Johnston.

Reading that side for Port, geez it was a good side.

Williamstown also a very strong line-up... Rampe now at Sydney, a very good group of Footscray players and that great core of Seagull players.  What a great year for footy.


Wally from Will...
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Fabian Deluca played AFL for Port Adelaide and couldn't get a game!

Was Marc Johnston the son of The Dominator?

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I think you are right on both counts Wally. Fabian returned to Victoria and played a season at Port with his brother Adrian (who also played at Carlton). 



Always thought 2008.2009 & 2010 were better NorthPort !!

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