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VFL Round 2 - Frankston v Williamstown


Round 2  – 14/04/2019


SkyBus Stadium – Frankston



B: 1. D. Gordon, 25. M. Williams, 10. T. Grace

HB: 2. J. Newman, 14. L. Hiscock, 6. L. Williams

C: 9. N.  Freeman, 5. W.  Fordham, 13. A.  Styles

HF: 22. G. Lok, 30. J. Miller, 3. C. Rich

F: 35. R. D’Arcy, 18. S. Tatupu, 34. J. McMahon

R: 23. S. Alabakis , 8. A. Ferreira, 11. B. Mullane

Int: 12. B. Bailey, 29. N. Fahey, 17. A. Harnett, 15. A. Jarnestrom, 19. C. Larkin, 24. M. McCarthy, 37. L. McDonnell, 32. K. Wilson

23P: 41. A. Zijai


In: K. Wilson, T. Grace, S. Tatupu, A. Zijai, C. Larkin

Out: J. Woodman,  N. Scagliarini



B: 23. S. McLarty, 21. J. Tippett, 4. B. Myers

HB: 17. J. Charleston, 5. B. Monk, 18. J. Greiser

C: 3. S.  Dunell, 9. A.  Marcon, 7. M.  Hibberd

HF: 6. S. Martyn, 26. J. Thorpe, 22. J. Pickess

F: 2. B. Kennedy , 16. N. Rodda, 34. J. Ottavi

R: 49. N. Meese, 1. J. Pongracic, 8. N. Mellington

Int: 28. C. Buykx-Smith, 25. L. Hunt, 10. L. Masters, 20. M. Norton, 32. N. Sing, 31. C. Stephens, 24. W. Wheeler

23P: 42. K. Dawson


In: M. Norton, S. McLarty, C. Stephens, C. Buykx-Smith, N. Sing

Out: T. Schnerring, N. Buykx


Williamstown 18-9(117) def Frankston 6-9(45)

Wally from Will...
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Hey, Frankston are not that bad, they just butcher the ball playing the high possesion game & they are not skillful enough to get away with it, they got the ball out of the middle and kicked it straight down the middle in the last quarter & kicked 4 unanswered goals, when they do that they are good but they just fiddle-fart around with it too much, they have a few coloured guys who look really skilled, they will win a few games before the year is out

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Looked an improvement on Round 1 for Frankston. Had to leave at quarter time so cant really say much. Unfortunately still no run or linking up to be seen, and as Wal said, the short kicking game they play is frought with danger. They eventually turn it over or are forced to bomb it into the forward line, making easy work for a good side to pick them off.

How do you think Willy are travelling so far? From what Ive seen they looked a fair bit short of Essendon, but that may be misleading as Frankston were so bad it was no more than a training run for the Bombers.



Wally from Will...
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Frankston had the same number of inside 50's as Willi in the first quarter yesterday, we kicked 7.2 to the Dolphins 1.1. They kicked it out on the full while shooting for goal at least six times and hit the behind post as well during the game. Simple skill errors bring them undone continually but the effort and endeavour was not lacking. I thought the Seagulls did what they had to do but were well below their capabilities. With a lot of new players it will take time to gel, just as it did last year.