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The demise of the Footy Record.

A few have made comment about the unfortunate demise of the Football Record.  An institution in Football at pretty much all adult/senior levels of the game for over a century.

It looks like this week, we have the option to buy an all in one season guide for $5.00 this week.


What a two bob comp the VFL (sic) has become with A4 sheets replacing the traditional Football Recorder/Record How much lower can this supposed "state league" sink?Must local leagues are better run and get bigger crowds!.

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I would not be surprised if the VLF are using your comments as a success measurement against their KPI's for managing the comp.

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The VFL not having a footy record is an ABSOLUTE DISGRACE. Not sure what else the VFL clowns can wreck or dismantle. They will think of something no doubt. Sandringham playing with St Kilda jumpers at Mickey Mouse Stadium. Those paying to get in will be privileged as they can watch a circus. Footy records, footy records the catch cry from long ago is now a thing of the past. The day will be sponsored by Ashton's Circus.