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VFL Round 3 - Coburg v Frankston

This televised game will be huge for both clubs. Frankston in particular having been starved of media exposure will feel the added pressure to make a good showing after a lacklustre start to the season. 

Similarly Coburg will welcome a TV home game and look like decent favourites to come away with the 4 points. 


Hopefully the Coburg 1000 plus supporter base turn up as Frankston (to my knowledge) doesn't have a strong travelling supporter base. 

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Agreed - if they want to keep getting tv games then you are right - their 1000 + members need to turn up and make a great atmosphere, give #7 a reason to go back there.


Frankstons lack of performance and location harms them in terms of travelling fans, Robbo can confirm this but I believe that most of their home fans (and they generally have not too bad numbers at home) are locals. Frankston hill are one of the most colorfull group in the VFL - funny blokes who support their team in great spirit.

17 PREMIERSHIPS, 21 X Runners up




Coburg 20-18(138) def Frankston 9-9(63)

well done to Coburg on the win 


not much else to be said about this game 


Was sad to watch from a Dolphs' perspective. A lot of work to do to mould them into a unit.

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Coburg have made good progress this year. Great four quarter effort holding their structures all day and showed the Dolphins what team play is all about. Adams looks a very good coach and with some very talented players in the side will see them being competitive against anyone this year. McEvoy was sensational and how good is Lowson? Sure to be on an AFL list next year.

Frankston had a few good passages of play but on the whole it was a pretty lazy effort. No run, weak tackling and ordinary disposal skills. Dolphins better players didnt get into it. Freeman looked injured, only 3 possessions and didnt leave the forward pocket all day, Rich was well held by Exon, and strangely, Newman played at full back on Lowson for 3 quarters which effectively took his drive into the forward line out of the game. Cant understand why you would use your most attacking player to tag somebody. He had a lot of kicks but no real influence on the game.

Looking forward to seeing how Coburg go against Box Hill this week.

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Watched the replay of this game. Coburg have improved a fair bit on last year and will be highly competitve in most of their games. Lowson goes well. Peter McEvoy is a handy target and if injury free looks like he is in for a good year. Weightman is a nephew of the flea. Noonan would have to be rhe son of ex Mooroolbark and Carlton player in Danny Noonan. Neaves, Lentini and a few others look likely types. Coburg can give Box Hill a good run in the next round. Frankston have a few ok players but have no system at the moment and polay in patches. Need some work buit not completely useless. Reckon they could pinch a game miost likely North Melbourne when they play them if they can improve in a few areas. Besides Rich, Newman, Freeman and Mullane they could get some imrpvement via Darcy, Harnett, Fordham and their ruckman.