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Two double 50 metre penalties in the same quarter

Cant remember seeing this before but in the Coburg v Frankston game 2 double 50 metre penalties were handed out - one against each side. The first was straight forward,  a Franston player hit Ryan Exon with an elbow, 50 metres for that, then he got in his face an headbutted him. Reported and another 50 metres. Correct on all counts.

The second was bizarre. Free kick against Coburg, and as the umpire was calling them back the Frankston player with the ball took off running forwards, with the Coburg guy chasing him trying to get back on the mark. The umpire appeared to be telling the Coburg guy to get out of the area, even though it was obvious he was trying to get back on the mark. Another 50 was awarded against him. He had no idea what he'd done wrong.

Is this a new rule for this year, that when a 50 is given no one can come within a certain distance of him, including the man on the mark? Seems a bit harsh if thats the case.

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Hi Bearsman that second one is a new rule this year.. The has been a little bit of discussion on it during the JLT series. A player in the mark can not try and slow or stop a player getting playing on.. So if the player with the free is quicker, there isn't much that can be done ! 


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Thanks North Port, I hadn't heard of it. Bit hard to keep up with all the new rules this year. 

Ill file this one away with all the other rules I dont understand lol