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VFL R8 - Sandringham v Blues.

Good to see Sandringham wearing their proper jumper against the side formerly known as Preston. 

I still can't believe the aligned clubs have given up their jumper numbers. 

Channel 7 talking about the famous number worn by Nick Reiwoldt. Maybe it should have been more about famous Zebras playing in the no. 12!

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What has riewoldt got to do with sandringham. Absolutely nothing. Who cares who wore what at st kilda. Mickey mouse stadium I can't stand and besides vfl gf where there is no option it is a  big NO for me. St kilda reserves playing Carlton reserves at clown stadium has zero interest. Only for vfl tipping comp it is mentioned. Good to see Willy overcome a slow start and beat Casey. Besides Richmond there is a logjam behind on the ladder. The dolphins will pinch a game somewhere. The borough will threaten Richmond if they play them again especially at north port.