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Footy fan ejected from Marvel Stadium for umpire abuse

I read it but I dont believe it. A carlton fan booted out for calling an umpire " a bald headed flog'....

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Send in the Frankston boys to show what real abuse is.


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Bald headed flog wouldn't be considered abuse on Frankston's hill lol

Typical over reaction from the all controling AFL...If someone is overstepping the mark wouldnt education be better than tossing him out. He will just come back next week and do it again. 


Wally from Will...
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The Frankston mob don't restrict it to the umps, our follicly-challenge forward, Nick Rodda, copped a fair serve earlier in the season when we played at Kars St, mind you he kicked five that day so it didn't put him off all that much