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Congratulations Robbo on officiating 300 senior VFA/VFL games

I'd just like to pass on my hearty congratulations to our very own 'Robbo' who on Saturday timekeeping his 300th VFL Senior Game. 

Robbo has also been an official timekeeper of 5 VFA / VFL Grand Finals and has even journeyed to South Australia as part of Victorian representative duties for the Big V. 

Robbo is a legend, not only at Frankston but in the VFL community in general and is a paasionate supporter of sport in general and regularly attends other codes. 

I'd personally like to say thank you to you Robbo for all your efforts here on as well. Your stats keeping and upcoming games details are hugely appreciated. 

Here's going that the Dolphins get up in a shock win to make the day even more memorable! 

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Congrats Robbo. 300 games adds up to a lot of hours you've put into the club. Great achievemnent and commitment! 

Thanks North Port for making us aware of this. Hopefully Frankston will awaken from their slumber and acknowledge this fantastic milestone on their social media pages and website shortly. 


There'll be two legends in the box at the Williamstown Cricket Ground on Saturday with Robbo joining Willy's Graeme Crocker who has officiated in probably 3000 games counting u19s and Reserves

Crock or the white out king has also scored for Willy CC for almost 50 years,such selfless dedication is a rare quality these days and both gentlemen are held in the highest esteem in both cricket and football circles..

Good chance for the local rags to do a story on them?


Thanks for all the well wishes this week