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VFL Grand Final 2019

Where is the Grand Final this year ??
Back to Princes Park ???
If it is back to Princes Park great news. No more Plastic Docklands no life stadium.
No reason ever to visit that moronic Stadium.
See news web above but nothing attached on the link below

For more information, click here.

IKON Park is for a footy bonanza after being chosen to host the VFL, VFLW and U/18 NAB League Grand Finals.

Victoria's best under 18 talent will take to Ikon Park on Saturday 21 September in the NAB League decider, this will also be the last chance for many of the players to impress ahead of the 2019 NAB AFL Draft.

On Sunday 22 September, it will be a Victorian Football League showcase with the VFLW kicking the day off before the VFL decider will conclude the day.

The weekend is one not miss, with the best teams looking all fighting for premiership glory.

For more information, click here.

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I heard it is fake news. Too good to be true.
Looks like we might be stuck with circus stadium for ever.


All confirmed


Have to disagree with you on your thoughts on Colonial, Telstra, Etihad Marvel etc VFA !

The Roosters have had some of their greatest victories there & still hold some unforgettable memories.

Four wins from four games is a VFL record that may never be equalled or bettered

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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Well I'm thrilled that it's back at a proper suburban football ground that will have a far better atmosphere with a medium sized crowd. Hopefully we've had the last of vanacnt, echoey Marvel stadium. 


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I have no reason to ever go to bozo the clown stadium again. Princes Park heaps better atmosphere.
Digs the roosters have a record that will never be broken 4 from 4 at Docklands including a trifecta of flags.
Also good memory for both Port Melbourne with 2 flags there and Willy with one.
Last years VFL GF had one of the worst atmospheres I have seen at a footy game. Good riddance Clown stadium.
First VFL GF at Princes Park since 2007 when Geelong beat Coburg. Bring it on a Grand Final at a suburban stadium played outdoors in the elements. Have no doubt will be good atmosphere.


It will only get a half decent crowd if Richmond Seconds play Essendon seconds.and its not raining.The ex VFA clubs have very little support nowadays.

I bet the opening match of the AFLW at Princes Park gets a lot more than the VFL GF(sic).

Apart from the last VFL GF at Carlton between Sandy and Geelong seconds which got 13,000 they averaged about 8000 so lets see eh?

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Who cares what crowd i would rather Willy play werribee in gf. I think they will get 15 000 minimum regardless of who plays. Far better atmosphere than clown stadium. Good riddance to that moronic stadium and now I have no reason ever to step foot there. Massive difference watching a gf at a suburban ground than a circus stadium that is like a morgue. 

Wally from Will...
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Here's a rant with a VFL slant from someone who hates Docklands as much as you do George

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We are not alone. Mickey mouse stadium is one of the most hated stadiums. I will brave the elements at Point Gellibrand tomorrow. Real footy in wet cold windy and difficult conditions. This was footy when we were growing up as kids and real grass roots footy. If I want to go to a circus I will go to Ashton's and watch a real circus with proper clowns than go to Empty head mickey mouse bozo stadium. The poster on footyalmanac is spot on.

Wally from Will...
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The comments on the posting were enlightening also, seems people feel the same about how the game has been overtaken by the AFL