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North Melbourne great David King wants the AFL to overhaul reserves’ ‘unprofessional model’

I always thought David King was a bit wacky but he's excelled himself this time ..... 


King doesn’t see the value in running a reserves competition that plays for premierships.

“Play it for no points, it doesn’t matter,” King said.

“Align it to a zone so you get that interaction again from an AFL club back to the local connection, the everyday footballer, the everyday kid who just wants to idolise these guys.

“Then just play it as need be. The scoreboard’s irrelevant; it’s about preparing players to play AFL football.”

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David King is an absolute goose. Maybe he should give his team of the century spot for the borough that he did not deserve to a more worthy recipient in Greg Dermott who deserved it. Can you imagine Port Melbourne or Williamstown playing for fun just to let a Collingwood clown just have a run for about 15 minutes. Daniel Wells has been a good player but might as well hang up the boots. He is finished. Collingwood will not make the VFL finals because they are crap and will get beaten by the crows on the weekend in the AFL. They will be out in straight sets anyway. David King you are an absolute tool and this is the worst garbage I have ever heard.

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Port Melbourne, Williamstown, Coburg, Werribee and Frankston play for real. They are real clubs. Collingwood not making the VFL finals big deal. Who cares. Great news. Daniel Wells you can run around Olympic Park 200 times in case you are ready for an AFL appearance where you will last maybe another 10 minutes. David King you have NO IDEA. From all the garbage I have heard over the years this suggestion takes the cake. Come and visit the borough and suggest to them they can play for fun and no premierships and see what the reaction will be.

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David King has said some amazingly stupid things over the years but this is the best...because Daniel Wells cant get a game this week as Collingwood have a bye. He could get a game in a suburban league or the amateurs as Sam Alabakis did 2 weeks ago if they really want to play him.

Dont play for premierships only points it doesnt matter. LOL..Seriously?  That is so ridiculous it doesnt deserve a response. I wouldnt be surprised if Gilligan thought this was a good idea though...

Kingy, you've got a hole in your bag of marbles  mate...

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I'm with you guys.. some rather silly suggestions from King.

Collingwood would be in the same position once finals come around, so if they want to get game time into a player, they can arrange a practice match...simple as that.

Re: the team of the century selection.  Agreeance.. Should have gone to Biff Dermot no doubt!



Once again a typical AFL fat cat that earns his bread & butter from all things involved at the top level & stuff every thing else.

You would expect something better from King as he learnt his trade at VFL level.

Many so called "Experts" very quickly forget where they came from. !

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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King played many games with Port seconds before making his name. He is an A Grade clown with those moronic comments and he should never forget his grass roots and where he come from.


Sorry digs King learnt his trade in the VFA!As for Wells if Collingwood have to rely on him to win a final they are shot!

He was washed up a couple of seasons ago.