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Round 20 – 18/08/2019


Avalon Airport Oval (Chirnside Park)



B: 4. B. Myers, 21. J. Tippett, 15. O. Tate

HB: 17. J. Charleston, 11. J. Dorgan, 18. J. Greiser

C: 25. L.  Hunt, 24. W.  Wheeler, 8. N.  Mellington

HF: 37. N. Ebinger, 34. J. Ottavi, 2. B. Kennedy

F: 3. S. Dunell, 16. N. Rodda, 22. J. Pickess

R: 49. N. Meese, 7. M. Hibberd, 9. A. Marcon

Int: 28. C. Buykx-Smith, 23. S. McLarty, 5. B. Monk, 20. M. Norton, 32. N. Sing,

31. C. Stephens, 30. J. Tardio, 26. J. Thorpe

23P: 51. M. Philpot


In: J. Thorpe, A. Marcon, J. Pickess, B. Monk, S. McLarty, C. Stephens, C. Buykx-Smith

Out: J. Pongracic,  S. Martyn,  L. Masters




B: 79. P. Dowling, 36. B. Schlensog, 56. B. Reid

HB: 39. Z. Guthrie, 48. A. Black, 27. S. Menegola

C: 20. O.  Brownless, 5. N.  Cockatoo, 21. J.  Kennerley

HF: 41. J. Jones, 12. W. Buzza, 16. S. Selwood

F: 15. N. Kreuger, 28. D. Fort, 37. S. Simpson

R: 1. R. Stanley, 18. C. Constable, 34. J. Parsons

Int: 58. A. Cincotta, 47. D. Gore, 54. C. Jones, 52. J. McLachlan, 49. N. Rokahr, 9. Z. Smith,

33. J. Tarca, 51. J. Tsitas

23P: 61. K. O’Connor


In: K. O’Connor, J. Tsitas, Z. Smith, S. Menegola, A. Cincotta, Z. Guthrie, S. Selwood, N. Cockatoo

Out: B. Jarvis, R. Abbott, L. Fogarty, S. Okunbor

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This game has now been moved to werribee due to state of ground at Willy. Danger game for the seagulls but have a very strong and balanced team. Great preparation for finals.

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Good win by the seagulls making it eight straight. Will play the bulldogs in first final regardless of what happens next week. Game most likely at western oval. Unless coburg can knock  off the bulldogs and seagulls beat werribee then a possible final will be at point gellibrand.