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Frankston FC news update

Frankston ticking along nicely off the field according to an email sent to members by Peter Geddes. Their debt will be paid off next year, and if the VFL still exists in 2021 financial stability should see the Dolphins become really competitive.

Adrian Lloyd has been appointed Commercial General Manager and will be looking after sponsorships, Functions by the Bay, and fundraising, with a new club General Manager to be appointed later in the year.

Frankston Council has finally called for tenders to install the new lights at Skybus Stadium. Should be operational in 2020.

Seems everything is going along nicely now, good improvement on field this year - only one win but could easily have been 3 or 4. Great to see them finish the year strongly, especially after the disastrous start to the year. Hopefully their top players will be retained for next year and some decent recruiting if finances permit, will see have Frankston have a good year in 2020.

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Good news Bearsman. Dolphins should have beaten Collingwood and were very close in a few other games. Been far more competitive in the second half of the season. They are on the right track. Having lights at Kars Street would look great and I am sure if the fixture was dome right they would get a very good crowd early in the season when the weather is good for a night game.

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They are going along very nicely Frankston.  Plenty to like about them for on-field success in 2020.

With night lighting I could see Frankston drawing good crowds on a Friday / Saturday night when the weather is still warm and there is no conflict with MPFL games.


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Paul Amy on Twitter  yesterday..

Paul Amy


Frankston's 2019 best and fairest Will Fordham is a man in demand, with SANFL and other VFL clubs keen on the former Kangaroo. Hopefully for the rebuilding Dolphins they can hold on to their classy midfielder, who was an unlucky omission from the team of the year.


This would be very disappointing if Will was poached by a VFL club but we know they will be trying...I hope he stays at Frankston - if they did a MVP  it would easily be him. Really needed at Frankston if they are going to keep improving.