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2nd Qualifying Final - Footscray v Williamstown


2nd Qualifying Final – 31/08/2019

01:00 (Casey Radio)

Victoria University Whitten Oval



B: 55. R. William, 18. F. Roberts, 40. L. Young

HB: 37. R. Smith, 8. J. Trengove, 34. B. Williams

C: 36. B.  Lynch, 19. L.  Webb, 61. L.  Nash

HF: 25. B. Cavarra, 52. R. Gardner, 67. J. Wallis

F: 24. B. Khamis, 26. B. Gowers, 23. L. Vandermeer

R: 41. J. Sweet, 28. C. Porter, 50. J. Prudden

Int: 58. G. Gleeson, 65. N. Hamad, 73. A. Hodge, 59. B. Kanakis, 66. R. McComb, 63. T. Short, 53. L. Sullivan, 57. D. Viojo-Rainbow

23P: 75. J. Boyd


In: D. Viojo-Rainbow, R. Gardner, A. Hodge, R. Smith, R. McComb, N. Hamad

Out: A. Scott,  S. Barnett




B: 17. J. Charleston, 21. J. Tippett, 32. N. Sing

HB: 11. J. Dorgan, 4. B. Myers, 18. J. Greiser

C: 25. L.  Hunt, 7. M.  Hibberd, 8. N.  Mellington

HF: 37. N. Ebinger, 34. J. Ottavi, 2. B. Kennedy

F: 3. S. Dunell, 26. J. Thorpe, 22. J. Pickess

R: 49. N. Meese, 24. W. Wheeler, 9. A. Marcon

Int: 6. S. Martyn, 10. L. Masters, 5. B. Monk, 20. M. Norton, 1. J. Pongracic, 16. N. Rodda, 31. C. Stephens, 15. O. Tate

23P: 48. T. Mundy


In: J. Charleston, T. Mundy, N. Mellington, J. Greiser, N. Meese, M. Hibberd

Out: S. McLarty, M. Philpot

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From the Western Bulldogs Official website:

VFL Team | Qualifying final

Aug 29, 2019 6:30PM




 Liz Vagg) - Western Bulldogs,VFL,Footscray,VU Whitten Oval

The Footscray Bulldogs will don their commemorative Fightback Guernsey, this weekend as they take on Williamstown in a qualifying final at VU Whitten Oval. (Photo: Liz Vagg)

The Footscray Bulldogs will take on Williamstown this Saturday at VU Whitten Oval during the first week of the 2019 finals series.

After an impressive run of form in the latter half of the season, Footscray will be looking to continue their winning momentum – with a win confirming their place in a preliminary final in two weeks’ time.

After finishing in the top two, the ‘Scray have earned a second chance, with a qualifying final loss allowing them to play in a semi-final, next week.

In celebration of the home qualifying final and the 30 year anniversary of the Club's famous 'Fightback' of 1989, the Footscray Bulldogs will don their Fightback commemorative guernsey for this weekend's clash at VU Whitten Oval.

For full match and ticketing information, click here

Footscray Bulldogs v Williamstown
Saturday 31st August, 1:00pm
Victoria University Whitten Oval

Normal VFL finals ticket prices will occur for the 2019 VFL Hard Yakka/Totally Workwear and Swisse Wellness VFL Women's finals series.
Attendees are recommended to pre-book their tickets here. Tickets will also be available at the VU Whitten Oval ticket booth on match day.


Wally from Will...
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The Burra will need to take the Dogs seriously next week, they move the ball quickly AFL-style, it was only favourable umpiring and unbelievable defensive work from our back half, Masters, Charleston and Greiser, that got us over the line, beware!

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Williamstown were great against the dogs. I think the borough will roll them too and werribee can continue with yet another win this time over essendon