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1st Elimination Final - Werribee v Box Hill


1st Elimination Final – 01/09/2019

02:10 (Channel 7, 3WBC, SEN)

Adcon Stadium



B: 18. R. Hebron, 26. D. Nielson, 21. L. Pinnuck

HB: 3. M. Sodomaco, 5. N. Coughlan, 30. M. Spencer

C: 9. J.  Clayton, 6. M.  Barlow, 22. B.  Malual

HF: 8. J. Henderson, 15. K. Declase, 10. J. Maishman

F: 37. J. Bennett, 14. T. House, 2. M. Munro

R: 31. A. Clarke, 29. D. Brew, 4. T. Gribble

Int: 17. M. Augerinos, 43. D. Bennett, 33. A. Domic, 38. H. Garoni,

13. K. Gray, 11. M. Hanson, 46. R. Kemp, 7. D. McFarlane

23P: 32. J. Riccardi


In: D. Bennett, M. Augerinos, K. Gray, M. Hanson



Box Hill Hawks

B: 44. D. Greaves, 30. K. Brand, 32. D. Mirra

HB: 29. C. Jiath, 34. J. Koschitzke, 50. D. Mascitti

C: 45. W.  Golds, 52. A.  Moore, 61. B.  Kilpatrick

HF: 42. T. Miles, 56. N. Mullenger-Mchugh, 33. M. Walker

F: 41. O. Hanrahan, 43. N. Reeves, 37. J. Ross

R: 27. M. Pittonet, 54. L. Meadows, 46. J. Cousins

Int: 51. V. Adduci, 67. N. Boucher, 75. C. Byrne, 66. M. DeWit, 62. S. Horner,

60. N. Lane, 53. L. Mackie, 63. L. Walker

23P: 57. M. Doreian


In: L. Mackie, D. Mascitti, N. Lane, C. Jiath, O. Hanrahan

Out: J. Cucinotta

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Come on Werribbe...lets make it three out of three for the stand alones in the finals...

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I rate Werribee. I hope you're in the money Bearsman. It looks like another good day for finals football. 

The fairytale of clubs becoming premiers after returning to standalone status needs another chapter! 


* It's time to restore the VFA name.


Can't argue with that!

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Werribee have some great kids plus Michael Barlow. Ricardo has been very good for werribee all year. Three from three for the old vfa clubs would top of a great weekend.