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VFL Finals 2019 – Success for stand alone clubs ......

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VFL Finals 2019 – Success for stand alone clubs ......


Good points made about the lack of promotion of non AFL teams in the finals by the media and more importantly by the AFL.

Could it be true - for a journalist to get AFL accreditation they have to agree not to promote any other leagues except the AFL? I guess it is- disctatorship is alive and well on Gilligans Island.

The lack of promotion from the AFL for week one one the VFL finals was disturbing. With no AFL, surely the AFL had a few dollars available to promote the VFL? I didnt see anything from them. Confirms the suspicion that the VFL is on borrowed time, with the AFL big wigs happy to let it die and replace it in 2021 with whatever version of AFL reserves the (lack of) brains trust come up with.

I did see lots of promotion of the farsical EJ Whitten game though...what an effing joke its become! The game was not in Victoria, not on a footy ground and not even the AFL rules. They choose to promote it even with the AFLX format that has been found to be a dud and abandoned earlier this year. Good cause but another terrible idea from these fools who run the game. 

I can imagine what Ted Whitten would have to say about it all!


Did you not hear Teddy scream from the grave ?  He will come back to haunt the AFL hierarchy.



That EJ whitten x footy garbage is the biggest piece of crap ever invented. Spot on bearsman, not footy, not on an Australian rules footy ground and the late EJ would be FUMING. I would rather watch a stalemate in a game of chess, paint drying, grass growing, cement hardening, synchronised swimming, test pattern on TV.
There is more than a good chance that Port will beat Footscray and Werribee will beat Essendon this weekend.
That will then see Willy play Werribee and Richmond play Port next week.
What would Gilligan's bozos and their circus clowns talk about if it happens to be a Port v Willy or Port v Werribee GF ??? Maybe that clown King can again talk about Daniel Wells and Collingwood and some fantasy and moronic idea. Maybe James Mothershead and the other puppets can talk about the AFL players that missed out on a game because the VFA teams prevailed. You can bet your bottom dollar James Mothershead and the other VFA haters will not write one paragraph if it is an all VFA Grand Final. Last weekend was brilliant when we saw all three VFA teams prevailed.



I will be there on both Saturday and Sunday and cheering loudly for the borough and Werribee.



Rocker, now you mention it I did hear a noise about halfway through the game, sounded like someone stuck a knife into someones I know what it was! They have seriously devalued the Whitten game and Ted Whitten..disgrace.

Lets hope the VFA clubs can get the job done in the next few weeks. VFA, please dont back any of them lol



Actually I did back Williamstown and Port into a multi with My Pendant Caulfield races as well as into Melbourne Storm. All won so was happy about that. I would say Port and Werribee will be slight outsiders again this weekend.
I went to the EJ Whitten game the first few years when it was played at the Western Oval. They have turned it into a sideshow. I would not watch one second on TV these days. If I want to watch a comedy I will get an old tape of Three Stooges to put on or even Laurel and Hardy.



My guess would be Footscray 1.70 and Essendon 1.80, but Port and Werribee both good chances. Footscray  can be suspect under hard pressure and if Port can reproduce last week they have a great chance. You dont know what you will get with Essendon. Their best will be too good for Werribee, but they can easily put in an ordinary one and if they are not on their game the improving Werribee will beat them.

I might look at a multi with Port and Werribee to win this week and Willy premiers- should be around $12 dividend. Willy now $4 with a couple of bookies.



Williamstown were unlucky last year not to beat Box Hill and would have won easily against Casey in the GF. The seagulls who have lost 4 good players in the AFL draft look to be even better this season. Huge chance to atone for last season and go all the way. I don't mind that bet either. Footscray could struggle under severe pressure if Port are on song which make it tough for the dogs. Werribee are flying and the bombers might have a bad weekend. Reckon their AFL team will lose badly to West Coast which could easily flow on to their VFL team. As good as they played for 3 quarters last week can they somehow lift themselves ? Not so sure against a Werribee team who have improved rapidly and are playing with full of confidence.

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Wonder what the vfa haters Gilligans puppets will write this week if port and werribee do win. Nothing much to write about Essendon as their afl team got pumped. Odds for both games should be out today. Wonder how that horse called borough went.

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Very interesting article talking about another possible diasaster waiting to happen for the AFL. Sure this is unlikely to happen, but it is possible, and highlights another poorly thought out rule by Gilligan and his mates. Surely, you would shutdown any possibility of a flawed result in the Grand Final? The golden-score idea leaves them wide open - imagine the blueing if their was a significant wind advantage and a team won the flag because of it - and it was Collingwood who lost lol

One can only hope ...

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If Werribee win on Sunday then at least one VFA team will make the Grand Final.  The finals this year has the real prospect of an all VFA grand final.  I suppose if that was to happen the match report would make interesting reading. 

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Strong possibility of a Willy v Port Grand Final or to a lesser degree Werribee v Port Grand Final.
Wonder what James Motterhead will be writing if that does occur ? He would have nothing to say therefore nothing to write.

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AFL Weekly Bullshit Alert...

Hmm, so Toby Greene is referred straight to the tribunal for a 'Serious Offence" and get offs with a fine? Seriously? Eye gouging, (looked to me like he was trying to choke him too,) which gave him a black eye, and he gets a fine? Its not like its his first offence - he has a terrible record.

Looks like players have immunity from suspension if its in the finals or you're a Brownlow Medal fancy. Another case of the inconsistency of the AFL when it suits their purpose.

This is not Micheal Christian's doing - he did the right thing, this was worked out behind the scenes, ie; the wording of the charge so they could let him off with a fine, most probably to avoid embarrassment from the media circus should a suspension cost Greene a premeirship medal.

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Looks like the AFL have moved the goalposts regarding reports and evidence with reporting and sentencing players again. Even though Toby Greene is probably the biggest dickhead to ever play AFL, there really wasnt any evidence to support his 1 match ban on this charge. No need to ever call the victim ever again for his version, as Lachie Neales evidence was completely ignored. I like what manager Paul Connors had to say about the decision - what would have happened if this was a Collingwood player?


GWS manager seethes over Greene's AFL ban

Source: AAP News (by Jason Phelan) - Friday, 20 September, 2019


GWS are bitterly disappointed that Toby Greene's contentious one-match ban wasn't overturned on appeal, but leading player manager Paul Connors is just plain furious.

Greene won't play in Saturday's preliminary final against Collingwood at the MCG after the AFL appeals board upheld the penalty at a hearing at AFL House on Thursday night.

The Giants swiftly ruled out legal action, leaving Greene to serve a suspension for making unreasonable or unnecessary contact to the eye region of Brisbane's Lachie Neale.

Connors sat next to his client throughout the two-hour hearing and might have given an insight into how the club was feeling behind closed doors when he spoke on Melbourne radio soon after.

"He's gutted, it's a preliminary final we're talking about, this is big and if this was a Collingwood player, there would be uproar," Connors told Sportsday.

"In over 20 years of management, I've never seen a worse decision.

"You can have your opinions on Toby, but on the facts of the facts, this is a disgrace.

"If this was any other player, especially if he was at Collingwood, I don't think we'd be hearing the last of it."

Greene has now been suspended for seven games across his 144-game career and racked up more than $26,000 in fines.

Connors feels strongly that Greene was victimised on reputation and not the evidence available in the Neale incident.

The star forward was fined $7500 for a similar incident with the Western Bulldogs Marcus Bontempelli the week before.

Giants chief executive Dave Matthews was more measured in his response outside the hearing room when he ruled out taking the case to court, but was also clearly fuming at the decision.

"As disappointed as we are we won't do anything further," Matthews said.

"We've put forward two very good arguments twice this week.

"We obviously felt that the evidence was all in Toby's favour and we're probably stunned, as a lot of people would be, by this decision.

"But in the end that's where we'll leave it.

"We've got Saturday to focus on and well move on."

Greene was replaced by Lachie Keeffe in the line-up shortly after the decision was announced.


--End Article--

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The AFL's incompetence came to the front again yesterday with the score review sytem suffering yet another major fail. How did the reviewers not see the Josh Thomas goal was touched? Good grief...

Wonder how Gilligan will defend it this time? He usually says there is nothing wrong with the system and its the best option they have lol - Im sure everytime I see this moron his nose looks a little bigger....

A couple of months ago I heard Gerard Whately on SEN give Gilligan a huge spray over this disgraceful system they use, I think the word he used was diabolical lol -  his suggestion was to shut it down before it causes a disaster, as there were just too many mistakes, but Gilligan was staunch and said its fine, alls well etc...

Surely he will have to get his head out of his arse now and do something about it. Then again, probably not...