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Norm Goss Medallist to become first player in 67 years to debut in a VFL/AFL Grand Final

Norm Goss Medallist Marlion Pickett will become only 6th player to make his debut in a VFL/AFL Grand Final

The last was Keith Batchelor for Collingwood against Geelong in 1952

Should Richmond Win he will be only 4th to debut in a premiership winning team.

The last was Frank Vine for Melbourne in 1926 vs Collingwood 


Here is the list 



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Fair effort to make your debut in an AFL Grand Final.  Imagine the nerves!!


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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WTF ? He is playing in front of 1,000 people and then goes to play in front of 100,000. I wish him well but if I was his coach I would say bad move, will be too hard to contain his nerves in the biggest of all occasions.

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Im staggered. I thought there was no chance of him being picked. He was good, but not great in the VFL GF, but the two guys held over are not in great form. Ross has been very average lately, I was surprised he was plucked from the VFL and McIntosh has been fair to OK and I thought he'd play for sure. 

Didnt work out too well for Ross and McIntosh - both missed a premiership in the VFL and wont get a game in the AFL GF.

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I think if Sydney Stack had been fitter and played better in the VFL GF he would have been picked before Pickett.

It will also depend how much game time Pickett gets as well to show he is up to AFL standard because he is named on the bench he may not get a lot of  time on the ground esp  if Richmond dont cop too many injuries early on..

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What a game by Pickett just carried on from where he left off in the VFL GF.1

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Pickett was great. What a story. Received a great ovation when collecting his medallion. Amazing as he was playing with South Fremantle in May then vfl gf last week and no an afl premiership player.


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Pickett was very good as were all the Richmond players. GWS let them run around unchecked all day. One of the worst GF's in history...

Cant be too long now before Gilligan wakes up and makes it a night GF - if Channel 7 lets him. Shadows all over the ground were annoying and made it hard to see the game properly and a much better atmosphere at night.

Unfortunately, another year of watching the smug FIGJAM look on Hardwicks face....


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Mixed day VFA

Ecstasy for Tigers, Agony for Storm . One out of Two ain'i bad.

Congrats on the Tigers !

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I agree bearsman and as the financial health of the AFL is of importance to all Australian Football clubs right around the nation I also believe that it is time for the AFL GF to be played at night.

I think it will start by being twilight next year and nightime a couple of years down the track.

A night GF will be more spectacular and get tens of thousands more TV viewers across the nation that are unable to watch due to work and other commitments during the day and we shouldnt forgret that the AFL gets 60% of its direct income from the TV monies.

Higher ratings also leads to higher sponsership for both the AFL and all the clubs and creates interest in the new generations to turn them in to followers of our great game so its vital that the ratings are maximized..