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2020 VFL Season - to go or not

I am thinking of giving the VFL a miss in 2020.  I feel that my passion is gone, as very year the comp loses more and more of its soul and is essentially the AFL reserves in disguise.  The loss of the reserves competition in 2017 is probably the straw that broke the camel's back.  How are the stand alone sides meant to develop players without reserves?  The gap between local footy and the VFL is Now for 2020 the lists and salary cap has been cut again.  It is ridiculous when one player on an AFL reserves team is getting paid more than the whole VFL list.

During the last week I received an email from Port Melbourne advertising the purchase of a share in a race horse.  I find Horse racing and Greyhound abhorrent and want no part.  So I called the club to voice my concerns and got fobbed off, they didn’t even offer to stop sending me spam emails.  So I am thinking of voting with my feet and not renewing my membership for 2020.  The only thing stopping me from pulling the plug is the great people I am met over the years attending VFL games.


Yep you wonder how long the AFL masters will put up with the bastardised comp that the current VFL is.

I suspect they will keep it going just accmodate the Tassie team for a few years then just have the AFL reserves teams.The rest will be told to go jump!

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Comeng, I know you are not alone in having trouble feeling passionate about the club and the competition in general. I think a positive is that several standalone clubs have managed to remain competitive and Coburg and Frankston taking positive steps  for their future.

I agree strongly regarding the development league. I'll go one step further. We need juniors! The VFA clubs should be taking steps to build their own pathway system. I believe that Port and Port Colts are working well with women's football and I think the partnership could be built even further.

With regards to gambling / race horse ownership I have less of an issue with that than I do the clubs reliance on pokies revenue. Lots of clubs are being more socially responsible and stepping back from it.  I would love to see the Borough having a 5-year plan to develop other primary income streams. 

I will say that apart from Port Melbourne, Williamstown, Frankston, the Bullants and Sandringham, no other club has a poster here any more.  Box Hill used to have several posters but have drifted away.  They may still pist on Facebook, but to a closed group and not to a VFA/VFL group. I think the lack of diversity here and the smaller numbers is representative of a general decline in passion for the competition as it now stands. 


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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I have similar feeling to Commie.   I was close to not renewing my Sandy membership; but Mrs  Blackrocker was keen to renew. 

Too much St K at TBO for me

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Its upsetting that yet another loyal fan of the club is chosing to take a step back due to the AFL - upsetting but very understandable with others feeling the same way. Axing the reserves was extremely frustrating especially when given the explanation - (costs too much money, clubs lack resources etc). They stated economic costs yet they pour millions into ventures such as building stadiums which are hardly used and mass promoting a much inferior product (females football). In the whole scheme of things the running of the development league wasn't a huge cost for the AFL and the decision showed disregard to what the clubs wanted as well as a lack of respect.


As for the horse racing email - I was a little suprised myself and I know that not everybody is a huge fan of the sport so could therefore imagine not everybody was jumping up and down with joy from reading the email.

Many of the things people mentioned as deterents I agree are definite negativities but at the end of the day I still enjoy seeing Port battle it against the AFL sides in what can often be seen as a David v Goliath battle. I still enjoy seeing the very high quality football that the VFL offers - and if it wasnt for watching the VFL then i wouldn't watch any football at all.

Who knows what the future holds, who knows where the competition will be in 1,2, 5, 10 , 15 years but as long as my side is still playing in the top tier then i'm happy to go and spend a few hours on the weekend down at the ground enjoying the game and everything else the club has to offer.

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I think Billy hit the nail on the head in another post - the bastardisation of the competition - great description of whats happened. The VFL has been dismantled bit by bit over the last few years, even doing away with the Record good grief. People are preferring watching the Amateurs or local footy now in preference to the VFL. 



The direction of the VFL has long been a problem with administrators living from year to year without any plan or foresight for the future.

How on earth can clubs plan for development & progress living on the drip when the people running the show don't know themselves.

The competition lives on uncertainty & clearly a lack of direction.

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The reality is ,sadly ,no-one bar a few diehards gives a stuff about2nd tier football.

It's a crying shame because all the standalones have tried so hard,improving their facilities etc to an excellent levet.

As Bearsman said there is more interest in the Ammos and local footy due to the incompetance of the governing body,time for that picture of Gilligan with his little hat on! 

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AFL brains department....


As Inspector Blake used to say,"That's made my day that has Butler"!!!

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On the Buses? That show has a lot in common with the AFL management...