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Practice Match Lockout

Tonight's Northern Blues vs Frankston game at Ikon Park will be played behind closed doors.

I understand this will apply for all games this weekend due to coronavirus.


Wouldn't have been anyone there anyway!,but on a more sombre note this will no doubt be the norm for the foreseeable future.

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Richmond v Coburg game a lockout. Within 3 weeks maybe sooner strong possibility AFL and NRL games will be played with no spectators. VFL matches with a fence will possibly be lockouts and maybe the same for local footy. The grounds with no fence around them and not much spectators will go ahead. Will see what eventuates but the writing is on the wall that this well and truly could eventuate. I can see some desperate AFL supporters will try and sneak in but the security will be tighter than fort knox.

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My guess is this is a Carlton FC decision. The AFL clubs are trying to protect their players, eg, Melb now training at Casey Fields, Collingwood training lock out etc.

Robbo, could you kindly post your thoughts on the game when you get a chance please ? That is if timekeepers are allowed in...


Casey Demons vs Port Melbourne game has been CANCELLED 


Any venue that doubles as AFL training venue will be out for fans in near future. Wouldn't be surprised if things escalate that early rounds will be cancelled. 

Movement of AFL listed players can be somewhat controlled as football is their job but VFL players work and are more at risk. Can see AFL clubs in alignments wanting to keep AFL listed away from VFL listed players. 


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Within 2 to 3 weeks you will more than likely see lockouts, cancellations and other ramifications in the various sports Australia wide. Unfortunately will get far worse before things stabilize and improve. Will see what eventuates over the next few weeks.

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With lockouts and cancellations I also reckon we are in for a shorter season.


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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Nothing mentioned on the vfl website... pretty poor.


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

Wally from Will...
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Would you expect anything on the VFL website? They only recently got the fixture up there.

I was supposed to attend a meeting at North Melbourne FC next week in the evening where there would have been NO players at all and even that got cancelled. The AFL clubs are so touchy they don't even want visitors on their premises out of normal business hours. 

Its a very odd world we are living in just now, and potentially will get stranger still. 


Was that the AFHG meeting Wal ?

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