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Port Adelaide's future in the SANFL in doubt

From the Triple M website

Full article - Click here

Andrew Jarman revealed on Dead Set Legends yesterday that Port Adelaide's existence in the SANFL was in major doubt. 

Jars had been in contact with senior SANFL officials who told him that Port are unlikely to be part of the competition going forward. 

"I spoke to a respected SANFL official during the week regarding the SANFL competition moving forward," Jarman said. 

"Port Magpies, they are unlikely to be playing SANFL football moving forward, which is absolutely shattering.

"They need $300-400K a year just to play in the SANFL, Port Magpies. 

"Port Adelaide have gone to the AFL for a handout.

"They are in big trouble of never fronting up again in the SANFL. This official he basically stamped it." 

Port were founded way back in 1870 and have won 36 SANFL premierships before their AFL affiliate Port Power joined the AFL. 


Jars also believes that the Crows won't be part of the SANFL, leaving only eight sides in the competition. 

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Dreadful news. The AFL wont bail them out....Another great footy club bites the dust. 


Dreadful indeed Bearsman,I've been through Alberton,great set up,surely the most successful major club in history.Bloody hell,if this actually happens then no-one's safe

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Legendary football club that have been around for 150 years. Hopefully it can somehow survive.


The Magpies have just been the Power's twos team for a few years now, no U16s, U18s or now reserves. Effectively, they'll play wherever Port decides is best to have them. I don't see any AFL team competing in a state league this year, so we'll see where Port land in 2021.