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Eastern seaboard second-tier comp on radar, concerns for NEAFL

I dont see ita s much of an idea uless they play against an all AFL reserves comp.The travel costs would make it a very expensive comp to run


It certainly would Billy, although the NEAFL is already an expensive comp to run I suppose. This issue is coming up because when a northern AFL team has a VFL-level reserves side (as Brisbane currently do) they can't get any decent competition.

I think they should just reduce the NEAFL to seven teams, the four AFL sides along with Southport, Aspley and Sydney Uni. Allowing the Giants to effectively be the Canberra side, using the best ACT players as top ups, helps strengthen GWS and could help strengthen the Canberra league too.

Possibly Gold Coast would prefer Southport in the QAFL so they can use their players as top ups to have a much stronger side, but the Sharks would just be far too strong for that comp.

Quite possibly the AFL wouldn't care about that, because dropping the NEAFL back to six teams would certainly mean a higher standard of comp, and that would allay the complaining from their northern clubs without them having to spend a fortune, indeed they would save money.