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from TV Guides- games televised by ATV0

Looking back at the good old days when VFA was televised on both Saturday and Sunday.

Here are two of the listings from Classic TV Guides

Saturday May 27 1967
2.15 VFA Football. Includes crosses to Ballan races

Saturday July 3 1971
12pm Horse Racing: Moe Races. Includes live crosses to VFA Match Of The Day, Second Division.


You must remember the Channel 0 licence was given the Reg Ansett a massive horse racing fan in fact he owned the Mornington racecourse and was a big Liberal donor by Menzies so he could promote the races and in the early days - the VFA matches were shared with the horse racing.He had no interest in football

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As a kid Billy I do remember the crossover on Ch10 between the second division game of the day and the races.
Reg Ansett was watching from the studio in 1967 Pakenham midweek races in colour. It was shown on ch10 in black and white of course. I have seen some articles and photos but never any vision of this.


Hi vfa do you remember this match?

Anzac Day Anzac Day fell on a Tuesday in 1961.

I was at that match and of course the VFLdecided to  put matches on  at Punt Road and Essendon just a few days before the VFA game.To cap of a dissapionting day Sandringham got done by Morrabbin.But I did see Sandy win on the MCG Against Brunswick in 1986.

.As usual for the VFL it twas about money they didnt want to pay the RSL 50% of the gate!

The VFA didnt bother to play on ANZAC for a very  long time after that as they felf they were used by the RSL to get VFL to play matches on that day

..The RSL promised that the thousands of marchers at the Anzac march would go straight to the MCG but that didnt happen most went across Yarra Park toPunt Road..The VFA stupidly deciding to play a full round of matches as well would have keep a few thousand VFA supporters away who would have gone for the novelty of a VFA match at the MCG..

According to the Anzac Day Act, the R.S.L. would receive half of any Anzac Day gate less expenses, so the R.S.L. was keen to see high-drawing football matches played on the day.

The Association scheduled a full round of Division 1 matches, and the Victorian Football League scheduled two of its six Round 3 matches AFTER the VFA announced the MCG match!, both at low-capacity venues (Windy Hill and Punt Road Oval).[26] The R.S.L. was disappointed that the League had not scheduled a match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, so Sandringham arranged to move its match against Moorabbin to the venue instead.

The build-up to the match was one of the biggest in Association history: the Association prepared a spectacle of a similar scale to the AFL's modern Anzac Day clash – featuring a troupe of marching girls, the Southern Command Band playing the Last Post, Reveille and the national anthem, and running races at half time] – the final quarter of the match was to be televised, and the R.S.L. urged the public to support the Association match ahead of the suburban League matches.

The idea was for the Thousands of people at the Anzac march to go straight to the MCG  With this build-up, and the interest in a match between two strong rival clubs, the Association hoped to attract as many as 60,000 spectators, which would have exceeded the 1939 Grand Final (47,000 spectators) as the largest crowd in its history.[29] However, a disappointing crowd of only 13,842 attended – by comparison, the League match at the neighbouring Punt Road Oval drew 27,650, and the match at Windy Hill drew 32,000.

A strong gate and donation to the R.S.L. was still drawn, but considering that the next Sandringham–Moorabbin match at Moorabbin Oval also drew 14,000, it is questionable whether switching to the Melbourne Cricket Ground drew any extra fans.





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Good summary of the politics of the early Anzac day match. There was no love lost between the VFA & VFL before the 1961 Anzac Day fiasco; it became a bitter releationship after.

I recall there was a time when the VFA would allow VFL registeed players to cross to the VFA without a clearance I can't recall any details



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I have read that before Billy. Do you think if that game was played at Punt Road or even at Moorabbin they would have got many more ? Not sure what Moorabbin would have held back in 1961. Of course Moorabbin and Sandringham became rivals clashing in the 1962 and 63 Grand Finals. Wonder what kind of record Moorabbin would have had in the VFA if they stayed in the VFA after 1963. For their short time from 1951 to 1963 they had a pretty good record especially in their later years. What kind of supporter base did they have Billy compared to the zebras, Port, Oakleigh, Willy etc.


The match was on track to get a big crowd at the MCG but it was only a few days out that the VFL decided to play their two matches after being hounded by the Sun and Herald at the time.The VFA shouldnt have played a full round either as it took VFA supporters away.

Moorabbin would have won more flags Im sure .They had the best set up in the VFA with the only full time paid secretary  in the VFA  paid for by President Bricker who was a millioniare former market gardener who became a local property developer.Thats why Max Papley didnt go to South Melb till he was 23 as he was paid very well by  Bricker who also set him up in his dentist practice.

So they had plenty of money to buy good ex VFL players.There was no salary cap in those days.

They had a reasonable supporter base but not as big as the Zebras,Port,Oakleigh or Willy.The crowds at the time before Sunday football really hit would be 2 - 4000 with the occiasional 10,000 but some teams like Northcote(sorry vfa) Brunswick Preston,Coburg.Prahan,Box Hill,Camberwell and Yarraville lucky to get 1000 - 1500 to most matches. It was depressing to go to those grounds in the middle of winter with very sparse crowds sometimes maybe a few hundred huddled in the stand..

The 4 northern clubs were at a big disadvantage as they were competiing with the likes of Carlton.Collingwood and Fitzroy on saturdays.Port Yarraville and Prahran to a lesser extent with St Kilda,Footscray and South Melb.

Sandringham and Oakleigh and later Dandenongl were not affected as much because they didnt have a VFL club in their backyard until of course St Kilda went to Moorabbin.

Thats one of the resons moving to Sundays was a brilliant move by the VFA because it allowed VFL fans to watch their local VFA club as well.

The return match was at Moorabbin as the MCG match was a Sandy home game.I dont remember them ever getting 14,000 to any of their home matches but the Sandringham v Moorabbin games quite often  got 10,000 at both grounds but of course the Moorabbin Council selling out to St Kilda put a stop to that.

Moorabbin finished two games clear on top that year but didnt win the flag in fact they didnt even play in the GF!Second placed Yarraville beat Willy for the flag.

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Is the stand at Caulfield princes park bricker pavilion named after the ex Moorabbin secretary ?


He was Don Bricker so I would suspect it is named after him.

When Mooabbin folded the VFA sort of merged them with Brighton by clearing a lot of the 1963 premiership players to Brtghton who were a basket case and had lost their Elsternwick Park ground to the VAFA 

Brighton were joined by South Caufield  to  become Brighton Caulfield FC the Brighton name.was dropped in 1965 leaving the Caufield FC at Princes Park Caufield South.

It should never be forgotten that Bricker with the Moorabbin Council led the charge in getting St Kilda to Moorabbin in the foolish hope they would be St Kilda/Moorabbin FC but the Saints members voted before they moved from the Junction Oval that the St KIlda name was NEVER to be changed.Thus killing his own club.

The first Saints home match in 1965 at  Moorabbin against Collingwood supossedly had 51,360 in the ground which I dont believe

.I attended a few games there over the years and at 35,000 the ground was packed and lacked parking as it is in a residental street.