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We are GO!!!!! 2020 VFL season is on

AFL announced late today that the 2020 VFL season is happening with the 8 standalone clubs. A start date and a number of rounds etc. and fixture still to be determined. 

NAB League will also return.


No news yet on VFLW

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Brillant news!  Its a shame that the start couldn't be mid July and a few extra rounds, but I'll take what I can get. :)

I wonder when details like the fixture will be released.


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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Great news. Will look forward to the season and even better when spectators get the all clear. Vfl tipping comp will go ahead but since there are only 4 games I can add a different league to each round. For instance round 1 vfl plus sfl, r2 v vfl plus wrfl, r3 vfl plus Yarra ranges etc. Will send details once fixtures are out. 

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Hopefully there will be some consistency with the lockdown rules by the time the VFL starts. I dont understand why almost 600 people are allowed in my local supermarket, but no one can go to the footy. The supermarket is about one tenth of the size  of a footy ground. Its ok to be on trains, trams and buses, go to a protest march, go to shopping centres and beaches but no one is allowed to go to the footy. Hopefully the powers that be will let Victoria catch up to SA pretty soon.


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Fantastic news! I look forward to seeing the Mighty Burgers in the top 8 this season! :)

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Burgers in top 8 .. .. that  would be worth a big punt if you can find a bookie to take the bet

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Thoughts on the finishing order after home and away ? My order is werribee, Willy, coburg, port, Frankston, Casey, box hill and Sandy. The big winners will be all of us vfa tragics that will see a comp with no afl clubs for the first time since 1999. Reckon we will get many close and hard fought games. Bring it on !!!

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My biased order is Port, Werribee, Willy, Coburg, Box Hill, Frankston, Casey, Sandy.

How the #$% does Casey get booted off their own ground? It's b!@$%^&t.

My unbiased opinion is more Port to 3rd, Werribee and Willy 1st and 2nd respectively.

Anybody know how the finals will work ? 1 v 2 winner to final Prelim) 3v4 elimination ? Week 2 loser of 1 v 2 v winner of elimination - winner to final ? 

17 PREMIERSHIPS, 21 X Runners up



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Reckon they will revert to the old fashion final 4. 1v2, 3v4, loser of 1v2 play winner of 3v4. Winner of prelim play winner of 1v2. Very simple final 4 system. 

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I think that Casey who I thought had gone out of existance will struggle>Who is going to run the club Melbourne? I doubt any of the former Springvale people are still around!

Sandy still have the name/jumper and home ground/social club and plenty of Sandringham people like Dennis Galimberti involved in the club.

The Zebras fate will rely on getting some experienced older players from other clubs to help their young list!

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Going to be interesting to see what players the zebras, Casey and box hill get to fill their lists. With the efl and nfl pulling the pin for the year some players would be hanging out for some footy. Might unearth some hidden takent you never know. This year would be a great test for the 3 aligned clubs on and off the field. I have picked the 3 aligned clubs for bottom 3 spots. Normally what would be a big night for me watching Richmond v Collingwood tonight and getting home midnight I like many will be a couch potato watching on tv.