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SANFL Round 8,SANFLW Prelim Final,WAFL Round 5


Friday August 15

West vs North at Hisense Stadium 7:50pm Melb TIme SANFL Digital Pass

Saturday August 16

South vs Eagles at Flinders University Stadium 2:35pm Melb Time 7plus

Sturt vs Central at Peter Motley Oval 2:40pm Melb Time SANFL Digital Pass - SEN SA (SEN App)

Norwood vs Glenelg at Coopers Stadium 7:50pm Melb Time SANFL Digital Pass

- Reserves and Under 18 games are live on SANFL Digital Pass -


Sunday August 17

Preliminary Final

South vs West at Thebarton Oval 12noon Melb Time SANFL Digital Pass


Saturday August 16

South Fremantle vs Swan Districts at Fremantle Community Bank Oval 4:30pm Melb Time South Fremantle Facebook Page

Peel Thunder vs Subiaco at David Greys Arena 4:30pm Melb Time

Perth vs West Perth at Mineral Resources Park 4:30pm Melb Time SportFM

East Perth vs Claremont at Leederville Oval 5:05pm Melb Time 7plus

Bye East Fremantle


SANFL Result from Hisense Stadium tonight





Thanks very much for providing this information.

I have tuned into a few games & found the games to be quite a fresh break from the AFL..

The umpiring interpretations are certainly interesting consifering that there are only one set of rules for the game..

If I live to be two hundred I will never underestand the "Holding the ball" rules.

Thanks once again.





We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


SANFL Half Time Scores



SANFL Final Scores

Eagles 11-6(72) def South 6-15(51)

Sturt 16-11(107) def Central 5-12(42)


Norwood vs Glenelg at 7:50pm Melb Time tonight 


WAFL Results from today

West Perth 13-12(90) def Perth 12-11(83)

South Fremantle 10-7(67) def Swan Districts 7-5(47)

Subiaco 10-15(75) def Peel Thunder 5-8(38)

Claremont 12-14(86) def East Perth 8-4(52)



Result from SANFL Saturday Night Football and Laddder after Round 8



SANFLW Prelim Final

South 6-6(42) def West 1-6(12)