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Season 2021 - What do we know?

Discussion for what has been announced so far:

* Dispanding of the NEAFL

* Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, GWS AFL sides invited into new competion

* Southport Sharks, Redlands, Canberra Demons, Sydney University, Aspley likely to join

* VFL to be renamed (again) - Possibly as ESSL - Eastern Seaboard State League (Or similar)

* Possible alignments or NEAFL standalone clubs with AFL NEAFL clubs (eg. Gold Coast with Southport Sharks etc)

* Travel costs to be met by AFL

* Tasmania not invited in 2021 despite roadmap


What else?  Feel free to add what I've missed!

Wally from Will...
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I'm sure I read somewhere that the Canberra Demons will NOT be invited but i can't recall where i read it

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Port Melbourne released a video via the CEO on YouTube, however there really aren't any details at this stage. 

Wally you could well be right. There was a flood of information and it's slowed  right down now. 


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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Club Statement 25/08/2020

As one of the three remaining inaugural NEAFL clubs the Redland Football Club was disappointed to find out via email release the AFL’s decision to amalgamate the NEAFL with the VFL from 2021 and beyond.

Our thanks, gratitude, and thoughts go out to the Management and Staff who have administered the competition over its 10-year tenure, particularly those who are impacted by this decision.

Your dedication to pioneering a domestic second-tier competition that provided a pathway for aspirational and developing athletes in four of the less traditional states and territories has given exposure and opportunity to a number of Queenslanders, many of whom still remain on AFL lists.

The Redland Football Club now awaits information, detail, and criteria from the AFL around future competitions structure so we and other impacted clubs can commence planning for the 2021 season.


* It's time to restore the VFA name.


This pathetic decision is ALL about the AFL clubs and their second tier players getting a game.

Its a sad disgrace that clubs in developing areas will go under - so much for growing the game north of the Murray River!

As usual with the VFL/AFL throughout their histroy its all about them and MONEY!

For all those think this is a great move won't be happy if very few of the former VFA make the finals and the GF is played interstate!

V'Landys and the RL mob will be laughing all the way to the bank at thia backward and stupid decision!


Canberra Demons will not take part in the new competition

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Robbo beat me to the punch! This from Paul Amy (Twitter). 

"Scratch the Canberra Demons from the VFL-NEAFL merger. They’ve announced they won’t be part of the new competition." 


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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Aspley not too happy either.....Sydney Uni unlikely. At this stage it looks to me like we'll be adding the four AFL clubs' reserves and Southport to what we have. That's ok for us I guess, but to me looks a complete debacle for Canberra, Qld and NSW where the NEAFL had raised the standard of second tier footy up there significantly. This won't do anything useful for the grassroots development of the game outside Victoria.


Northern AFL clubs will have their travel and accomodation payed for

But all remaining clubs will have to pay for theirs


Doesn't seem fair

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Instead money in the millions paid for the 400 circus clowns for a nice holiday up north in time for finals.