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Wally from Will...
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Vale John Grieve

I believe former VFA president and Williamstown stalwart, John Grieve, sadly passed away this morning


Sad news Wal,one of the good guys,was ground announcer back in the day and rarely if ever missed a game,R.IP

Wally from Will...
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Indeed, always stood on Pleurisy Hill with Alan Parker and Shane Nicholson and a few other old-timers, sad day 

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John was unfaltering in his support and love of the VFA and Williamstown FC.  He was the penultimate president of the VFA for 3 years during 1989–1992. I knew him primary school at Williamstown. He was a good man.

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Very sad news. John was a very passionate Williamstown and VFA including being president of the VFA. Will be sadly missed.