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VFL R6 - GWS Giants vs Port Melbourne

It's make or break for the Borough.  With only 10 games left after this round, if Port are to play any part in September, we really need to register a good win to inspire some confidence.

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I said it was make or break.. it seems that it is break.  

We started well kicking the first 4 goals of the game before GWS worked their way back into the game.

We were besten in the ruck and at  stoppages. Is it Briggs , who was the main ruck for GWS was hard to stop.

I thought we did move the ball extremely well at different stages in the game and Eli Templeton was absolutely brilliant.  If he nominated for the mid-seadon draft I would have thought he'd be a certainty.

A real shame that Ayres 250th game wasn't marked with a win.

I feel that we are a middle of the road side this year, missing a couple if key position players that would make a difference.


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That's a fair comment Northport, I feel that we have some exceptional players you mentioned Elli, additional to that i like Wagner and Hooper etc but I feel theirs a couple of players in our side who are good players  however are still a year or two away from VFL level. With the rules being as they are it creates a bit of a gamble which youngsters are good enough to step up to the plate. 

Also I think up front we are missing that big target man that we have always had, our inside 50 count was comparable to GWS but our inability to capitalise had cost us yesterday as has been the case all season. 

On a separate note, a few at the game mentioned the officiating, am I and those at the game being biased saying that we didn't have many calls go our way yesterday?

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MegaA, maybe Port are being subjected to something we've been aware of at Frankston for a long time. There's no question that AFL listed players get the borderline frees where others won't. It was horrible at Frankston on Friday night. I've followed Frankston basketball in the SEABL (now NBL1) for many years and seen the same problem with offifciating there. When Frankston would play Melbourne Tigers in the state league, good luck getting a call to go against Gaze, Copeland, Simmons et al. It's not imaginary, it's something we can expect as standalone clubs. It's been happening in the VFL for years. I'm glad it's gonna be seen on TV more, so maybe it might become something the league bosses focus on if it's actually seen.

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Umpire that wore number 3 on friday night terrible biase. Some very poor decisions. Dolphins harshly treated. Just hope the dolphins can be very competitive on Thursday night against Richmond. They are far better than friday nights game. I still think Williamstown and werribee are both capable of going a long way in 2021. Definitely both capable can win flag. From the afl teams Footscray, Casey and lesser degree Geelong most likely. Southport look very good too. Box hill looked good today where Carlton was very poor. Some of the non afl listed players from box hill will get looked at in mid season draft.