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Best GameDay 'experience' ?

I've been thinking about this thread for a little while...

Of all the grounds in the VFL (in Victoria). Which ground has the best overall experience.

I'd rate Frankston as probably number 1.

My reasons are:

  • Good terracing /elevation
  • Narrow wings mean you feel like the centre square is very close
  • Crowd involvement and atmosphere
  • Excellent kiosk food options
  • Food pricing
  • Broadcast quality lighting (yet to experience)

Second is likely to be Werribee. The facilities are sensational and the terracing which now includes some roofing. The kiosk isn't the cheapest but is well run and the BBQ options are great. It's a pretty ground with some magnificent gum trees at the northern end. Crowd atmosphere isn't as good as other Frankston due to a relatively low supporter base. (Have we ever had a Werribee supporter post on here?)

Thirdly I would then go for Williamstow but points off for poor viewing height/elevation and crummy night lighting.  Their kiosk is sensational and on par with Frankston.







Werribbe has never had big support and one of the reasons given is there are a number of other local clubs that take people away!

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Well, they're no worse off than us Billy.....the MPNFL clubs have huge support. I'm sure most of our clubs lose some supporters to our local comps. All the same, I have enjoyed watching the game down there, it's a nice big ground which sorts the men from the boys.

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NorthPort, you have obviously never been to SkyBus Stadium in July when the wind is howling in at 100 mph over the bay from the South Pole!! But I do agree, Frankston is easily the best experience for VFL footy. I also like the Coburg and Sandy grounds.  Easliy the worst is Casey Fields. No chance of me ever going there again. I've given it a life sentence.

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Aww c'mon Bearsman.....wait til we do July at Skybus this night!! It'll be a delightful sea breeze coming in to refresh us hahaha

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1. Frankston - best of everything really. This year catering vans have been there to cater to the outer which is a big improvement. Easy access to dunnies, good food, great atmosphere.

2. Port Melbourne - I love to old school feel at Port, and as much as they shit me, their parochial crowd keep me entertained

3. Sandringham - Similar to Port's vibe.....parking a nightmare though

4. Preston - Good atmosphere on the grandstand of the ground a bit empty and the playing surface is a potato chip

5. Box Hill - Haven't been for a few years.....plenty of places to get a good vantage point, toilets and food easy to get to, but again parking was difficult

6. Werribee - Great surface, good viewing from any point in the ground, but not a lot of atmosphere

7. Coburg - Always feels a bit empty, parking is easy though

8. Casey - Zero atmosphere, but good playing surface and reasonable viewing. Parking is ok. Staff are morons and unknowledgable. Every time we go there they ignore our away membership and make us pay full price. Food is overpriced crap.

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Whilst not being the BEST North Port Oval has some old world charm

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I rate Port Melbourne poorly for a couple of reasons.

  • The best viewing spot on the wing in front of the Norm Goss stand is largely obscured due to ridiculously tall interchange benches. As a result of all 4 being built. Many long time supporters have been forced to the outer wing in Ingles street.
  • No paper towels at the main toilet block for the last three games.
  • Hidiously overpriced food options. Probably the most pricey of all grounds, including AFL venues. Not a great range of options. Particularly for vegetarians.
  • Poor lighting (Soon to be upgraded thankfully)


Easy fixes to improve Ports rating would be ..Team lists for both clubs available at the gate.

Normal prices for food.

Improved PA system the horn speakers aren't capable of playing music)

Alter the interchange benches to being the crowds back.

Night lighting.

Reduced time between the end of VFLW and start of VFL games to keep crowds at the ground for longer.








* It's time to restore the VFA name.


And very little else Rocker !

NorthPort makes some very valid points !




We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


The thingthat stops me from putting Frankston Park as #1 is the lack of Hill/Terraces behind both goals where a big % of supporters like to view the game!

It just gives the impression of a country ground  and even with big crowds I was part of in the past it took away from the overall atmosphere!

North Port was great when the historic old wooden  stand behind the goals was there and the embankments were much higher and I reckon the dark brooding social club building does nothing to add to the atmoshpere of the ground!

Sandy is ok but still needs some cover on the bay side of the ground.

My #1 is City Oval Coburg as it has the best Grandstand and all around proper terracing and it could easily still hold 15,000 comfortably

 When  North played there in in 1965 for only one season they got 21,626 against Collingwood.

Coburg City Oval.jpg