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Half Time

Aspley 5-9(39)

Brisbane 5-5(35)


3 Quarter Time

Aspley 9-12(66)

Brisbane 7-11(53)


Brisbane 14-13(97) def Aspley 14-12(96)

what a dramatic finish 

Aspley player marks, plays on and goals from Goal Square a split second after the final siren. Rightly ruled out by the Umpires.

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What a dreadful mistake from Hammelman.....awareness completely lacking. Gonna be a long week for him thinking about that moment and wishing he could have it over again......and make just about any other decision haha.

A couple of ripper games today thanks to our northern friends!!

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Just saw the last few seconds.. Amazing finish.  He will be ruing that rush of blood to play on, instead of going back and kicking it!


* It's time to restore the VFA name.


Here are some stats after Round 8

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Southport look like they will go a long way this season. They know how to win. Thats twice they have stormed home in the last quarter to win. The sharks are very hard to beat at home as well as travel ok. Looks like they will most likely be top 4 as a bare minimum.