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VFL Round 10


Geelong vs Footscray at GMHBA Stadium 4:10pm  Kayo

Frankston vs Northern Bullants at SkyBus Stadium 7:30pm  RPPFM


North Melbourne vs Coburg at Arden Street 12noon  Casey Radio

Aspley vs Gold Coast at Graham Road 12noon

Southport vs Brisbane at Fankhauser Reserve 12noon

Werribee vs GWS Giants at Avalon Airport Oval 12:05pm Kayo

Port Melbourne vs Carlton at ETU Stadium 1pm 


Essendon vs Box Hill Hawks at Windy Hill 11:05am  Kayo, 3WBC

Williamstown vs Richmond at Downer Oval 2:10pm  7mate(7plus)

Byes - Casey Demons, Collingwood, Sandringham, Sydney

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No crowds ???? What stops you from grabbing half a dozen cans and standing on the footpath just outside an oval without a fence at Arden street ???????? I might just do that !!!


From Frankston FC Twitter page 

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Frankston station

I be standing outside the fence with six pack at Frankston 

can stand in groups of 20, nobody can move you on

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Might be quite a few six packs sold at bottle shops near suburban footy grounds over the weekend. 

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You will get locked up for D&D and loitering


This weeks Kayo Freebies game are now up

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Team selections for Friday's games.

Friday, June 18, 4.10pm @ GMHBA Stadium (Kayo Freebies)

B: 15. N. Kreuger, 48. A. Black, 43. S. Okunbor
HB: 39. Z. Guthrie, 16. S. De Koning, 66. J. Thurlow
C: 20. O. Brownless, 6. J. Clark, 4. S. Higgins
HF: 31. F. Evans, 28. D. Fort, 19. Q. Narkle
F: 9. M. Holmes, 11. J. Jenkins, 32. G. Miers
R: 1. R. Stanley, 18. C. Constable, 58. D. Lang
Inter: 10. B. Jarvis, 52. J. McLachlan, 33. S. Neale, 21. N. Stevens

Emerg: 57. J. Chalcraft, 74. J. Gow, 55. L. Smith, 54. O. Tate

In: Z. Guthrie, Higgins, Holmes, Miers, Narkle, Neale
Out: Gow, Harris, Johnston, Smith, Tate, Wareham 

B: 32. W. Hayes, 2. L. Young, 24. B. Khamis
HB: 53. L. Sullivan, 54. C. Cormack, 10. E. Wood
C: 25. B. Cavarra, 16. T. McLean, 20. E. Richards
HF: 30. L. McNeil, 26. D. Bedendo, 22. J. Ugle-Hagan
F: 3. M. Wallis, 13. J. Schache, 14. R. West
R: 41. J. Sweet, 27. P. Lipinski, 38. R. Garcia
Inter: 65. N. Hamad, 66. R. McComb, 63. T. Short, 55. R. William

Emerg: 52. J. Glass-McCasker, 62. A. Hodge, 56. C. Preston, 70. B. Van de Heuvel

In: Lipinski, McLean, McNeil, Richards, Sullivan, Sweet, Ugle-Hagan, William, Wood, Young
Out: Boyd (Carlton), Butler, Gardner, Gilbee, Glass-McCasker, MacPherson, Nicholls, Orgill, Preston, Van de Heuvel 

Friday, June 18, 7.30pm @ Skybus Stadium (RPPFM 98.7FM,

B: 33. T. Barlow, 4. M. Williams, 36. C. Jones
HB: 22. C. Riley, 14. L. Hiscock, 13. A. Styles
C: 26. W. Arthurson, 9. N. Freeman, 31. W. Mackay
HF: 21. M. Cox, 1. J. Begley, 12. A. Krakauer
F: 35. R. D'Arcy, 3. J. Berry, 5. K. Owens
R: 16. J. Rendell, 37. A. Richards, 2. J. Newman
Inter: 17. B. Lambert, 6. T. Small, 42. J. Stern, 43. J. Voss

Emerg: 44. J. Crocker, 30. B. McCormack, 28. B. McLaughlin

In: Berry, Freeman, Lambert, Mackay, Rendell, Richards, Riley, Stern, Voss, M. Williams
Out: Brolic, Fletcher, Fordham, Lloyd, Loughnan, McCormack, McLaughlin, Mentha, O’Leary, Young

B: 10. M. King, 23. D. Lawrence, 27. B. Silvagni
HB: 4. L. Mackie, 20. M. El Nour, 7. D. Stone
C: 2. Z. Hart, 6. G. Strachan, 36. K. Quirk
HF: 12. F. O'Dwyer, 16. T. Smith, 3. J. Velissaris
F: 30. H. Kennedy, 26. J. Boyd, 5. W. Murphy
R: 40. D. Hughes, 15. P. Ahern, 1. T. Wilson
Inter: 9. S. Brazier, 32. M. Gundry, 24. N. Honey, 41. J. Murphy

Emerg: 14. H. Kerbatieh, 31. A. Richter-Salter, 35. L. Wilson

In: Brazier, Gundry, Honey
Out: Jones, Mitchell, Podhajski


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Selection Geelong by 12 points, Frankston by 28 points 


Frankston 13-15(93) def Northern Bullants 10-5(65)

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See my pre game prediction robbo.