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Gary Ayres to leave Port

The Hun is reporting the Gary Ayres is not being reappointed at Port Melbourne.

Wally from Will...
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Yep, he's gone after 14 seasons, wanted to continue but Port wanted him to take up a role as head of football, overseeing the men’s and women’s programs but he declined as he wants to continue coaching - its in the Herald-Sun so it must be true 


Paul Amy reported something similar days ago

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He wrote the story on the HS website 


intrigueing to think where he could end up next year,maybe one of the cashed up eastern fl sides,will be in demand thats for sure

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The members received an email today outlining the details. Absolutely appalling.  I'm disgusted. Don't rule out a member revolt and an extra-ordinary general meeting to have the decision reviewed. 


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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Wow.. that was quick We did not get the usual

" the board has full confidence in the coach"

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sad way to go out for such a successful coach, impressive numbers, 253 matches for 163 wins, 88 losses and two draws, premierships in 2011 and 2017, and finals appearances in 11 of his 12 completed seasons.

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Gee.....from memory, Port was in a fair bit of strife when Ayres took over weren't they? He turned them into the most successful standalone club by a street, and this is the reward? Ouch. One bad season which has been honestly a bit of a nightmare for any coach and he's gone....I think it's pretty rash given the club's current predicament. You'd wanna have a well credentialed coach in waiting before making a decision like that.

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Disgraceful way to treat a legend. Port Melbourne will be winning today. They will turn it on and play their best game for the year.

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Clarko is not doing anything next year...