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Richmond VFL Best and Fairest

Will Martyn named as Richmond's VFL best and fairest at tonight's Jack Dyer Medal count

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Naish has been delisted. Chol will be looking good elsewhere next year. Caddy uncertain but possibly gone too. Street was probably Richmond's most consistent player.

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Essendon very keen on Chol. Hes behind Soldo, Coleman-Jones and Nankervis at Richmond so he will probably end up there.

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Chol will probably go well at Essendon. Alir alir was amazing last night for port. His first quarter as good as any. Sounds very humble and well spoken. A great story. 

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Very true VFA.
Can anyone ever remember a more pathetic exhibition of umpiring.!  Would not have been surprised to see Port fans jump the fence. 

The greedy cheque book Cats hopefully have bitten off a little more than thry can chew.




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Port are probably in the box seat now. They just do the one percent things so well and have a great defence and team work. If it wasn't for Jack Henry who was outstanding port could have won by 10 goals plus. 

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They must have very creative accountants down at Sleepy Hollow, digs, to fit Selwood, Dangerfield, Cameron, Hawkins and Higgins, just to name a few, inside the salary cap, perhaps its too far for the AFL investigators to travel ....

Traditionally the winner of the Richmond VFL B&F gets delisted so Martyn may be looking for a new club too.