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VFA/VFL 2022. What will we see?

I'm not ruling out two divisions being introduced next year if all the interstate sides (exluding Aspley) continue on next year.

Will we see Tasmania re-enter the competition?

Will we see a Northern Territory side?


Given the complexities and cost of running this competition, my opinion is that we should push clubs back to their state leagues and (with the exception of Tasmania) go back to an all Victorian competition. 


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Reckon they will persevere what they had this year with addition of Tassie devils.


Who knows what these knuckleheads will come up with,my mail is the Afl sides will form one comp and the standalones with Tassie will form another.Surely its time for the old vfa sides to stand up free of afl domination,why not i say,there grounds and facilities are first class now,we shall see what plays out

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The AFL must now realise that expanding and making a multi state competition in the middle of a pandemic was the height of stupidity. Whether they cut their losses or push on is anyones guess.



I knew this would happen,the person who oversaw the new vfl comp has been promoted to something like head of commercial growth,and cop this Tristan Salter says he was happy how it all came together!!!Could only happen in the Afl/Vfl


CGull the ongoing saga of jobs for the boys rolls on. !

If that's Scott's title ? What are his credentials ? Surely there are plenty of aspirants with degrees & business acumen capable of managing this shemozle as it is the moment !




We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


21 sides 23 rounds - (1 bye plus a general bye) is the plan at this stage