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Round 1 - Frankston v Werribee

Disappointing night for the Dolphins, but it shouldn't be all doom and gloom. Halfway through the third we had them on toast in a tight and tough contest. Werribee couldn't find any space on the tight ground and Frankston's harassment was brilliant. Unfortunately it took one very dubious free in front of goal to break the game open in the wrong direction. Sadly our boys lost composure for 15 minutes and that was all it took for a very good side to put them to the sword. Werribee are going to be a serious contender this season, they're hard at it and very slick movers with a few blokes who are very handy overhead.

For Frankston, some really good pickups in Mynott, Murphy and Walker who all come with AFL experience. Bradtke is an interesting big body (no surprise eh) but needs developing. Voss, Stoddart, Riley, Reidy, Arthurson and Mackay all look better with another year under their belts. Stern has also come on leaps and bounds. Bailey Lambert and Josh Begley had little impact, so you'd expect improvement there. Newman and Fordham were tireless warriors as always. Given the loss of Freeman, I didn't have high hopes, but after last night believe this team will be a slightly better one than last season.

Werribee must be stoked with where they are at. They really do look like a premiership contender. Porter and McCaffrey are big targets up front, they have a couple of very quick and nuggety rovers in Wagener and Dahlhaus, and their run and carry game is beautifully executed. They were direct (perfect at Frankston) and moved very quickly from defence to attack. Their rebound off the half back line is as good as I've seen at this level.....Kye Declase and Bior Malual were exceptional with long rebound kicks that gave Frankston's backline very little time to prepare. 

Don't be deceived by the low scoring, this was a quality game of footy and both coaches will take a fair bit from it.

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Sounds like a promising start for both teams. Newman and Fordham are going to be very important for the Dolphs, the drivers of the bus.

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Dolphins looked a bit rough around the edges to me. A lot of missed targets and not a lot of system yet, and the trademark high pressure tackling was not there, but you would have to expect they were in need of the hitout after not having their last practice match, so no doubt plenty of improvement to come, but it was still a good performance.

Of the new guys, as AJ said, Bradkte looks very promising - hard to belive he is so athletic and agile for 204cm! Duman looked all class having control of half back in the first half  but may have been injured as I dont remember seeing him after that.

Expect Frankston to bounce back and beat GWS this week with Begley and Lambert finding their best form.