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Frankston v Carlton.....amazing!

I've just walked in the door, absolutely buzzing......3.8 to 11.8 down at 3/4 time, freezing and wet, we were about to go home.

39 crazy minutes later and we're singing the song after a ten goal last quarter. I don't even know what to say yet, am still in a state of shock!

Can't wait to see the replay of that carnage! GO YOU MIGHTY DOLPHINS!!!!!

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Stat from tonight’s game

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Brilliant comeback. I'll have to watch replay.

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Amazing turn around! The hard running, fierce tackling and precision kicking all came back- out of  nowhere. 10 goals on the bounce and Carlton didnt know what hit them lol

Credit must go to Danny Ryans coaching and his willingness to take a risk. Three changes in the last quarter were magic - Newman in the centre, Reidy full forward and especially Owens into the ruck gave them the spark early in the last quarter. At 190cm he was never going to beat the 2 Carlton giants, but a couple of times early in the quarter he was able to win the contest and get the ball going forward and Fordham, Newman,Mynott, Begley, Riley and co did the rest.

Definitely worth watching - hopefully the replay will be on Youtube in the next few days.

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That's an amazing stat Robbo.....all those years of VFA footy and this is the 6th biggest comeback, stunning!

Other Dolphin supporters might remember us doing something similar against Willy a few years back, but from memory we were about 6 goals down at 3/4 time......that was in beautiful sunshine and a steady but playable breeze......this was with a greasy ball on a wet night with an unpredictable wind blowing into the social club corner at changeable rates of knots.

Danny Ryan continues to show he's a damn good coach. Mostly they stick to their game plan relentlessly and avoid any significant change. Well, Danny decides to go back to the future.....big bloke down forward, athlete into the ruck, move the ball forward and down the corridor without fear, and do it fast. All really simple stuff that Carlton had absolutely no contingency for and they looked like fish flapping on the dock. Given the Blues' ruck woes I was interested to get a look at Mirkov.....well, they best stick with deKoning because the big bloke is a project at best. Owens didn't even jump against him, so what does Mirkov do, hits the ball forward straight to his chest where the clearances begin. I don't know what the clearance stats were in the last quarter but they would have been extremely lopsided and Owens would have had a handball out of most of them.

You gotta love footy eh. At 3/4 time we were cold and depressed and wondering if our club's very best would ever be enough to compete with organised AFL sides. Half an hour later we're smashing out the song and feeling we can take on the world!! Bring on Willy next week!!!

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What year roughly was that Willi game AJ? There was a great come-from-behind win over Collingwood in 2014.

As for last night, unbelievable! I have to admit I went to bed at 3/4 time but thankfully could watch the replay this morning. Just remarkable, brings a smile to your face!

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I can't be certain Paul, but I reckon it was when we had Lourey, Ziggy, Sam Lloyd, Kitchen etc......around 2012 maybe?

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I'm just about to watch the replay of the final quarter. Love seeing the Dolphins up and about.

Great stats too Robbo! 


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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Well done to all at Frankston.

Not a flag but just goes to show that the club is heading in the right direction.

The old saying that "Every dog has their day" is never more appropriate.

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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You are forgetting the famous 1962 VFA GF Sandringham V Moorrabbin at 3/4 time the Zebras were 44pts down and then kicked 8/3/51 pts in the last quarter to win the Flag by I point! I was lucky to be there as a 19 year old.

THREE QUARTER TIME: Moorabbin 12.15 (87); Sandringham 6.7 (43)

FINAL SCORE: Sandringham 14.10 (94); Moorabbin 13.15 (93)


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Fair effort that Billy, on the biggest stage. Grand Finals do funny things to people eh. I think what was particularly remarkable about Saturday night was slamming through ten in a quarter after managing only 3 for the night.....litterally out of nowhere!