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Phil Cleary

Just love Phil Cleary! Ferocious supporter and promoter of the VFA/VFL over many years, and takes the same attitude with violence against women - talking to young guys in footy clubs to educate and guide them. 

Didnt like him a great deal as a player - he was a sniper and agitator, but all is forgiven now, and I would love to see the AFL at some stage, acknowledge what he's done with some type of award or have something named in his honour.

Will try to get to Vicki Cleary day, Coburg vs Richmond on Sunday, and hope  for a Lions win.

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Yes I think apart from the late Fred Cook Phil Cleary is still the most well known VFA player and as for being a tough player and a bit of a sniper every team had at least a couple like him in that era some more than most!

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Very good speech today. He really imparts his message well. The crowd was silent when he spoke. I remember a few years ago he addressed the crowd at a Vicki Cleary day and the microphone wouldn't work. He took a pace forward and said, this is just like my old trade hall days! and gave his address clearer than any microphone. It was very impressive and held everybody spellbound. The old trade union days were excellent for training people to hold a crowd.

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If the AFL Hall of Fame was not as biased against the VFA, Phil would be in. 



* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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"The Australian Football Hall of Fame" was established in 1996, the Centenary year of the Australian Football League, to help recognise the contributions made to the sport of Australian rules football by players, umpires, media personalities, coaches and administrators. It was initially established with 136 inductees.

Yes it's official name is the Australian Football Hall of Fame NOT the AFL Hall of Fame!But why would you expect the AFL exVFL to do anything to honour their hated enemy the VFA ?

They won't even recognize the VFA Champions /Premierships from 1877 to 1896 as being legitimate as they like to promote the idea that football only started in 1897 when the VFL first played!