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Just wondering where Dandenongs 1991 premireship cup is ?
Hi Would like to know what happen to everyone's clubs history after the fold like Dandenong ? I think Dandenong stingrays play at Sheply Oval and they have this old social room maybe it's in there not sure. Also just something i noticed while watching the 1991 G/F the other day Shaun Milane is holding the ball up in the air after the siren goes. It's very ironic guys that the year before 1990 his brother Darren Milane also ended up being the last person to hold the footy before the siren went. Sadly Darren is not with us anymore what a great player :(
I think you'll find that Darren only died about a week or two later. I've always noticed that about the Millanes and the ball in the air as well, that was just after he kicked the sealer! You should see the faces of two Werribee supporters behind the goals as Millane kicked that one. Heart broken!
Dandenong 1991 Premiership cup was brought back home to the Dandy faithful on the 2nd of October 2004 at Dandenong's Team of the Century night. I know who has got it now after it was sitting in a create at VFL house under all sorts of rubbish. Also know where the flag is. The boys at Coffee Ford had it for a while before they done there renovations to the place and decided to hand back to the VFL. Fred Cook 05, might have to change my user name to Alan Harper 01 just to keep it interesting.

where is all the Dandies memorabellia etc. annual reports, club records. This stuff needs to be preserved.

would be great to a revived Dandenong FC in a local league or VAFA playing Prahran & Fitzroy

West Torrens formed 1895 (merged woodville 1991)
Port Melbourne formed 1874

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I would love to see several old VFA clubs return from the dead. So would many of the posters here.
Northcote's memorabilia I believe is in good hands with the town Hall.
Pretty sure Brunswick's is as well. Prahran would be in good hands.

Geelong West have a reunion this Sunday for the 1972 premiership team. Geelong West St Peters are playing St Albans in the GFL.
Yarraville also have a reunion on Friday night on August 10 at Yarraville Oval.


As a South australianian (& Fitzroy member) I think you know that sir Doug Nicholls is a very important figure in many ways.

Its good that some of the stuff has been preserved by town halls, when clubs die stuff can end up in peoples garages.

I have a gut feeling there will be revival in VFA interest as anti people want tradional footy. I live a 100m from Norwood Oval and it beats the hell of any AFL venue ive been too in terms of atmosphere.

Thats why Im curious Brunswick & Prahran were let die..... could they be potential Port Melbourne's now

West Torrens formed 1895 (merged woodville 1991)
Port Melbourne formed 1874

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The histories of these clubs should never be lost. If the historical items of the club were not passed to the local historical club or the local council they should be found.

Prahran is still a functioning club in the VAFA. Oakleigh is part oof the Oakleigh Chargers in the Under 18s. Yarraville's history has been kept by Yarraville Seddon. But what about the histories of clubs like Brighton, Brunswick, Camberwell, Dandenong and Northcote. These clubs don't exist any more, and if they aren't found so won't the memories of these clubs as well. The five clubs I mentioned all won premierships, so their is some VFA premiership cups out there.

If they are not placed in the care of local historical clubs or local councils they should go to the National Sports Museum at the MCG or to the VFL which should display them at their headquarters.

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I was on business in Dandenong yesterday and what a shame and a disgrace a city of its size and wealth is not represented by a senior club!



West Torrens formed 1895 (merged woodville 1991)
Port Melbourne formed 1874