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Victorian AFL clubs wearing their original VFA Jumpers
With the 130th year of the VFA competition in 2007. I'd love to see the Victorian AFL clubs honour the occasion by wearing their original VFA jumpers during heritage round in the AFL next season... It'd be great to see some of those early jumpers such as Footscrays jumper (similar in layout to Central Districts SANFL jumper... but thinner stripes). But I guess the VFA doesnt really enter into the AFL's thinking much these days :)
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All the Melbourne based clubs should wear their original VFA jumpers. Richmond, Collingwood, Carlton, Hawthorn, Footscray, South Melbourne, Geelong, Fitzroy, North Melbourne, Melbourne, Essendon, St Kilda all played VFA. There is no excuse for the AFL. After all where did these clubs come from ?? VFA of course.