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Matthew Dent
I noticed on the Sturt website that Matthew Dent is now coaching Edwardstown - whereever that is?? I thought some people may be interested????
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funny you should say that, during half-time at the doggies v tigers game last night, I asked a mate if he knew where he had gone. Was he Victorian born?


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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Not sure if he was Victorian born but grew up in SA and played with Sturt prior to being drafted by Fitzroy. His partner is from the Victoria (a good South Eastern Surburbs girls) so there is some attachment to both SA and Victoria. From memory coached in Country Victoria (Robinvale?) after leaving the Hawks.
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I thought he was going to coach Robinvale and then we talked him out of retirement to come play with the Hawks. 8O 8O :? :? Cost Matthew Brewer his last chance of getting drafted. He played in a SANFL premiership the year after leaving Hawthorn I think.
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yep, dinger was born in SA as far as i know. played for the blues then got drafted in around 94 ish??? came back to sturt in 2002 and won a flag. retired after 2003 and then coached edwardstown in the SAAFL.
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Dinger coached his Edwardstown boys to a premiership on the weekend!! Go the Townies
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Trying to work out who you are eight ? Dont spill the beans , just a few hints maybe ??