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Was that a fat lady ???????
Guess so eh....for us anyway. Just want say how proud I've been of all the boys who've worn the brown and gold ( and silver !!) this year. In the end we weren't quite good enough to go all the way.Injuries to key players Alleway , Rix , Thurgood and Ball on PF day along with a short week's preparation combined to deprive us of the legs to run out the game but I think we'd have to admit that Port had our measure and the better side won on the day. Given all that , I reckon we can all sleep easy knowing the club gave it everything. Andy Collins has shown his nouse as a manager of footballers as well as a great talent spotter in bringing a number of suburban footballers to the next level. Steve Bailey , Trevor Batchelor , Tim Harvey and Chris Wilson are classic examples of how guys can improve given the opportunity. Andy has also shown an ability to manage the AFL listed guys who came back to play at Box Hill. Let's hope that circumstances and the new Hawthorn coaching group give him the opportunity to continue his work in 2005. We have a good bunch of kids in the reserves under marty Heppel who , given solid preseasons should be pushing hard for senior selection on a regular basis next year....guys like Paul Jolley , Cam Howat , Brendan Weinert , Jimmy O'Grady and the unlucky Brendan Rinaldi. Allup , a terrific last half of the season and a really honourable 4th place finish after losing the first 6 games.
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