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Bo Nixon
At last , we get something BACK from Willy. Hawthorn has just received Collingwood youngster Bo Nixon in a deal involving draft picks. He'll obviously be spending time at Box Hill to start with so here's hoping he shows something to counter the flow of experienced personnel going the other way...Simon Lloyd , Rayden Tallis etc.
Last seen: 15 years 9 months ago
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Fair call Dale. You already know how highly I rate Simon Lloyd as a football person and Radar as a footysmart team man. What can you tell me about Nixon ? I've only seen him play twice ( live) and once he was terrific as a running tall out of the backline , the next time he looked shocking up forward. I know he's had some kidney (I think ???) problems but what was your impression of him.
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I'm more than happy to give President Nixon the time he needs to develop. He basically came as a side dish to the deal and whatever we can get out of him is a bonus! I've read mixed reports on the lad (I can't remember too much about him from previous Willy games I've seen) but he fits into our 'youth policy' more than an O'Bree and our need more than a Shaw or McGough.
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I have seen a bit of Nixon both at Willy and when he was with the Calder Cannons. He has always been a real under achiever whohas promised a lot but failed to deliver. I agree that he looks a lot better playing across half back.