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Steven Greene wins 2005 Box Hill Hawks Club Championship.
Well done Greenie. 2005 Box Hill Hawks Club Championship: Winner - Steven Greene (17 Votes) Runner-up - Kristan Height (15) Clinton Alleway (14) Cam Howat (13) Matthew Ball (11) Nick Holland (11) 2005 Box Hill Hawks Reserves Club Championship: Winner - Nick Kane (15 Votes) Runner-up - Al Neville (14) Evan Johnson (12) Sam Gibson (10) Ryan Breese (10) Simon Paton (10) Other Winners: Presentation to 50 Game Players - Clinton Alleway, Steven Greene & Ben Kane President's Perpetual Trophy (Most Votes in JJ Liston Medal) - Brad Sewell & Kristan Height (8 Votes) Box Hill Director's Award (Outstanding Service to the Club) - Pam Pringle (Head Trainer) A.P Dickinson Memorial Trophy (Best Clubman) - Daniel 'Seahorse' Seehusen Best Team Man - Nick Holland Most Courageous - Ben McGlynn Most Improved - Owen Millwood Reserves Goalkicking - Jason Cook (21 goals) Seniors Goalkicking - Clinton Alleway (34 goals) Best First Year Player - Al Neville Seniors Coach Award - Daniel Breese Reserves Coach Award - Ryan Breese/Dale Bull (joint winners) Trainers Award - John Holmes 3WBC Outstanding Player Award - Cam Howat
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Interesting result, especially as Hawthorn has managed to get itself a large number of draft picks. Is this the Kiss of Death for Greene? It was for Brett Backwell - he won a Liston and was flicked a few weeks later. Also interesting is the loss of Alleway to SA - a big loss to Box Hill, a young team needing on field leadership.

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