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Gerard Fitzgerald
Gerard Fitzgerald (not Gerald as the cover of the VFL Record has spelt it) notched up his 200th game as coach today with the Roosters win over Williamstown. He's by far my favourite VFL coach, listening to him on the ground at the breaks is well worth doing as he's just got a style of talking that makes the listener pay attention to every word. I also think that everytime I've heard him interviewed by the boys on Casey Radio he's come across as a polite and very respectful gentleman. He clearly has a passion for the VFL and represents the competition and the Roosters positively every time. It's great to see the Roosters up there, and hopefully they're able to get their coach that elusive premiership that he deserves to have.
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he's a very nice person....will always come and have a chat with us at Sandy.....

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years

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Very well said, he is a terrific bloke.
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i agree entirely....... wish he was 120kms north of ballarat!!
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Couldn't agree anymore Footyman!! Once again gave up 10 mins at the end of the match to discuss his teams fortunes. Fitzgerald has created a strong club culture and is the backbone behind all of North Ballarat's success... Regarded in the same esteem as the best VFA/VFL Coaches of all time. Gerard is a fantastic bloke and a great assest to that region in general!! Everyone from Casey Radio wish himself and the club continued success in Season 2008, and thank them for their hospitality this weekend!!
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I saw Gerard at the Adelaide airport after the interstate match. Even though he did not know me from a bar of soap, and must have been reeling a bit from the afternoon's events,he stopped and we we had good chat. Sure is a top bloke!


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I can only respond to everyones thoughts on Fitzy great person to have in charge of the the Roosters.Not only has he got time for evryone he is a great ambassador footy and the vfl comp.well done Gerard on 200 games and hope you get your reward with the Roosters which you deserve.
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they'll make him the mayor down there if they get up this year...!!
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Quality gentleman who deserves the respect being shown within this thread. One coach that the majority would not begrudge a premiership if he was to achieve it.
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Great coach and very well respected by all. Always has plenty of time for all supporters, grass roots and all.
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:D Gerard Fitzgerald has always been true to his club even after a defeat, no sour grapes from him. Although a little dissapointed with sometimes losing he never shows anybad feeling between clubs and have heard him say after a game he is still learning. I hope he has a good finish to this season BUT AFTER THIS WEEK'S GAME PLEASE. go zebs zebra :wink: