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Round 10 Northern Bullants Team Changes.
5 changes have been made to the starting 18 that defeated Box Hill last week. David Clarke, Jordan Bannister , Jon McCormick and Justin Davies aall come into the side. Clarke, Bannister and McCormick were omitted by Carlton while Davies returns from injury. Cory McGrath, Daniel Harford and Kade Simpson have been selected to play for Carlton while Anthony Franchina and Adam Jordan are both out injured. As usual there is an extended bench, which this weeks consists of 8. Would like to see Simon Perryman get a game as his form has been very good in the reserves. At least we're getting closer to 50/50, AFL/VFL players. Should be 13 Carlton and 9 VFL players in the side this week. that's equal to last week, which was the best VFL/AFL ratio for the season. Although would like to see a game were the bench doesn't consist of 4 VFL players for most of the game. Should be a close game, the Bullants have a good recent record against Frankston and have a good chance of making it 2 wins in a row.
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The initial team submitted to the VFL had listed 12 people as possibles for the interchange, gotta be some kind of record.