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I DONT Think they . got no marking forwards they need to get same real good forwards and midfielders they must have speed & strengh
I think the 2nd half of the year has been an improvement. I'd say that Barry Mitchell has coached better and that all the players have played with greater spirit. Mitchell has tried to stamp a few of his own qualities on the side, like giving preference to players who keep their head over the ball and a focus on defence. I think the club desperately needs a strong defender on its VFL list. Hopefully Rowan Williams will continue to improve and eventually be able to hold down a key defencive role. The backline is very suspect under pressure and is probably the reason why we didn't beat Box Hill and Tasmainia. Any experienced players would help. I don't think any VFL list would be younger than the Bullants. Off the top of my head I can think of only 3 players over 23 years of age [Brett Zorzi, Frank Raso and Paul Scanlon]. Daniel Harford has been badly missed in the last few games.
No they have not improved. They've won five games haven't they? They won six last year. Certainly they have gotten better as this season has gone on though. Mind you, given the fact they have been taken over by a Carlton person as coach plus lost a heap of players from their VFL list and are playing undeveloped Carlton rookies who shouldn't be there, five wins is probably a decent effort. I might try and get there on Sunday for the game.
If they want to play the game the way they did today then its hardly a shock that nobody turns up. Need good recruiting, maybe a new coach, a better style of footy and then maybe the crowds will turn up.