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Bullant Team for the finals
With few injuries and indifferent form at Carlton, the Bullants have had a lot of Carlton listed players going around each week. However, come finals time, 10 VFL players have to get a guernsey. Having watched the Bullant 2's go around, I think this will be a problem. Not enough of them have got games regularly enough to make a big impression. I think Crow has been a standout this season. His workrate has been top class. He is a certain starter. I think Ross Young is also a certain starter - he is a good strong midfielder. After that it becomes more difficult: I think Declan Donohue has a future. I like Gutterson, but he has struggled with injury and has barely been on the park. I'd consider Jason Harmes, big Hooper (I was really impressed last year, but he has also struggled with injury), I'd hope Colbert was ready to go and Williams has been steady in games lately. Who else is ready to have a go? It is finals time and the first time for the Bullants for a long time. So who will it be?
Agreed crashlander , that Bullants will probably be affected by the 12/10 rule more than most ( with the obvious exception of Bendigo) for the reasons you mentioned. However , I think we can safely say that you could add blokes like Frankie Raso , Rowan Williams and Dave James pretty safely to the list you gave. Also , I still cant work out why Josh Vansittart doesn't get more senior game time. very accomplished VFL player for mine. Gutterson , Colbert , Rovere and Stevenson would also make pretty handy additions come finals time. As I said , they'll be more affected than other sides due to their selection processes during the season but I still reckon they have some quality guys just waiting for a call up. Just another classic argument for some self imposed intelligent selection criteria rather than the unsustainable rigid 12/10 or the heavy handed AFL club dictated policies.
Vansittart should be playing every week. Him and Justin Crow are there best 2 VFL players by a mile. There VFL list doesnt have great depth and it will be very interseting come finals time, I think there will be a few weak links with the 12/10 rule. Dibgy Morrell has won a few games off his own boot but in the finals he might even get double teamed being there major goal kicker.
The 12/10 rule might affect the Bullants but nonetheless it's a great rule. For the past few weeks the Bullants have had up to four Carlton players playing reserves, as Carlton have had as many as 41 of 44 players available. Going through the list I would say Frank Raso, Justin Crow, Josh Vansittart, Ross Young and Michael Hooper are all accomplished senior VFL players and certain starters come finals time. Would add Luke Stevenson to this list but has stress fractures of the feet which seems to be a never ending injury. Of the rest Rohan Williams, Declan Dongahue, Mark Rovere will be thereabouts. Colbert's been injured for some time but should be playing before the finals. Luke Maslin has returned to form in recent weeks and could be close to getting a game, so too Tim McIntosh. Adam Jordan has just returned from a long absence after injuring his knee against Box Hill last year. That was his first senior game and he had four goals mid-way through the third term before getting injured. He did look very 'rusty' in the reserves game against Nth Ballarat but given five or six weeks of football he might be the 'smokey'. Pell could be another 'bolter' and has played well in resrves throughout the year. I'm not sure about Gutterson, had a bad injury mid-season and has just been going since. Furlan has also played some good reserves football, but has played little senior football in the past. Paul Bunn would be the other one but has dropped off a little this year and was flogged by Jurica the other week and Rohan Williams would be ahead of him. Barring injury to the top six players I'm sure the 12/10 rule won't affect the Bullants anymore than other teams .
My abject apologies to Josh Vansittart and Frankie Raso - I intended to mention them and didn't get around to it. They are good, honest players who always deliver their best. However, I will worry about it (the 12:10 rule, as many of the better VFL players going around with the Bullants have been struck down by injury for so much of the season. If the Bullant 2's make the finals as well, many of their better players will be unavailable. I would love to see more of Adam Jordan, but he just can't seem to get on the park consistently.